Colin Cowherd explains how the Super Bowl once again validated the importance of the QB spot

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Colin Cowherd talks QBs and the NFL Draft. Find out why he think Super Bowl LII once again showed everyone the value of the position.

COLIN COWHERD: I've been saying this for a year to a half year, Sam Darnold USC is going number one, Josh Rosen at UCLA is going number two, Josh Allen at Wyoming the quarterback's going to go top four or five, and Baker Mayfield's going to end up way higher than he should be. Stop it. Many of you are looking at the Super Bowl and saying see, see, see? Nick Foles won a Super Bowl. You go win a Super Bowl with anybody. The Philadelphia Eagles won a Super Bowl because they had two good quarterbacks.

That shows you the value of a quarterback. First 11 wins came from Wentz. Then a very solid either elite back up or middle of the pack starter Nick Foles stepped in with a great staff and a tremendous offensive line and good running backs. Green Bay didn't have a legitimate backup. Their season imploded. Houston didn't have a legitimate backup. Their season imploded. Indianapolis didn't have a legitimate backup. Their season imploded.

Philadelphia had two quarterbacks who have proven they can win in the league. Tom Brady threw for 500 yards. Don't think the Super Bowl is some validation that quarterbacks are less important. They have never been more important. Go look at Vegas' top five teams next year. They've all got franchise star quarterbacks. Wentz, Brady, Ben, Brees, Rodgers. Don't look at this and think see you can win with Nick Foles.

No you won that Super Bowl because Carson Wentz gave you 11 wins and a bye in the first round. And Nick Foles is a capable either high end backup or marginal starter.