Colin reads his Super Bowl LII notes

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Colin Cowherd took real-time notes during Super Bowl LII. Find out what he was thinking as the game was going on.

- I write notes occasionally. On a Saturday or for college football, I'll get a pen and paper, and I'll watch a bunch of games. And I'll write like three or four notes. My staff kind of laughs. I come in Monday morning, sometimes you think of something really clever, and I want to bring it to the show, and I forget about it over the course of a weekend.

So on college football, I'll write four or five notes, I'll come in on Monday, and I'll develop topics on them. In the Super Bowl, the game lasts forever, the commercials, you are usually at a party, there's drinking. And I've always thought, like, I write down, my staff's got a picture of this, I write down notes so I don't forget anything.

So I came in this morning with my first and my second half notes, and generally when the game's over, and I come in in the morning, it gives me a sense of what I was thinking in the moment. Because everybody thinks something differently in the last play of the game. You forget about a lot of the stuff. So I'm going to read you, I do this every year, it'll take about two or three minutes. I read you all this scribble stuff I put down during the game. Here you go.

Good mix, first half, first series, good mix play calling, PHI, Philadelphia. 12 men second mental error, Eagles. Foles, confident, slash lose, slash time. Eagles blown coverage. Mental error. New England, why not go forth with MVP 9 to 3? Question mark. Brandin Cooks, K.O. TB, little off, that's Tom Brady, TB little off, TB dropped gadget play.

Alshon match up star. Two point conversions. Philadelphia, don't be a mathematician in the second quarter. I hated that two point conversion early. New England down to three wide receivers, Cooks ruled out. James Harrison [INAUDIBLE] on tackle, Harrison, again, awkward. Hogan deep, TB, Tom Brady perfect.

Eagle touchdown. Missed tackles, NE, New England. New England poor tackling in secondary. Trick play, touchdown clever. Eagles o-line, the story. Then I went to the second half, all Gronk, touchdown. Big third down conversion, Philadelphia. Poor New England tackling. Eagle all line, star, star, star.

Collinsworth guts. Touchdown Eagles. What if New England got that call? Eagles pass rush, question mark, tired, question mark. TB to Hogan, touchdown. This was an interesting one. Eagles kick return. Kneels one yard deep, coaching star. Meaning, Philadelphia end of that game, guy was one yard deep in the end zone, and the returner is like, no, I'm going to give it to Foles. No reason to risk a fumble. No reason to come out. That's a well coached football team.

Foles slash Aguilar, great pass catch. Fourth down, PHI, uh oh, guts, midfield, wow, wow. Is that first down the game? Underlined. PHI Philadelphia, bleeding clock drive. Why go out of bounds Aguilar? Incompletion kills clock. Touchdown, Philly. He's a runner.

Oh, my last thing I put, called turnover with friend. Yeah, that's a weird thing. I watched the game yesterday with one of my best friends, Colin, that's his name. And right when the New England got the ball on the second to last drive, I said, Brady's going to turn the ball over. And then literally two plays later, Brady turned the ball over. And I said, he goes you better put that down in the notes. I'm like, OK, called turnover.

What are the two things that you noticed that I talked about John a lot there? There's two things that jump out to me. Number one is New England, really poor tackling. New England did not tackle well yesterday. Not an excuse. Philadelphia's got big strong receivers, a big strong running backs, Philadelphia is a very physical team.

I wrote it four different times, poor tackling. Listen, New England got out manned. Those running backs were hard to bring down. So that's an advantage athletically and physically to Philadelphia. New England really struggled especially in that secondary with tackling. The second thing is I had three different instances during the game too early Eagles all line star, star, star. That's the other thing that jumped out to me is that Nick Foles was loose, he was confident, and he had time.