Le’Veon Bell: ‘Every year I’m always in the conversation’ for best RB in the league

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Le'Veon Bell joins Colin Cowherd during Super Bowl week. Hear why the Pittsburgh Steelers RB thinks if you rank him as the 4th or 5th best RB in the league you are mistaken.

- So, Listen, you're one of the top four or five running backs in the league. Some would argue the best. There's-- there's a handful of you guys--

LE'VEON BELL: What you say? What you say?

- I say--

LE'VEON BELL: What you say?

- --you're one of the four--

LE'VEON BELL: I'm sorry, what?

- --four or five best running backs in the league.

- Na Na Na Na Na Na.

- What?

- That's-- that's way too low.

- What? Yeah, I mean that kid--

- Way too low.

- Dennis-- What's that kid at Arizona? David Johnson's very, very good. Very good.

- They are. They are.

- There's Zeke.

- They're all-- they're all special talents. Yeah, they are all special talents. I can't take anything away from those guys. You know, obviously you got the Zeke, Todd Gurley. You know.

- Yeah, Gurley's great.

- Melvin Gordon. Yeah, you got a lot of-- you got a lot of, you know, great backs. Each and every year, though, it's always me and somebody else, you know. So, I mean, when I first came here, it was me and DeMarco. Then the next year it's, you know, me and Zeke, the next year me and David Johnson. But every year, I'm always in the conversation. You know, and I think, for me, that's the biggest thing for me. Now, this year it was me and Todd Gurley. Like, every year, you know, and I think, a lot of people don't kind of give him-- they don't want to give him my respect, because I play a lot differently than people used to seeing.


- And, I catch the ball out of the back field well. I never gave up a sack in my five years playing football, you know. So, I mean, my pass protection speaks for itself. And I go out there. I run the ball well. You know guys, you know, I make guys-- things easier for my guys on the outside. You know, I feel like I'm a great all around football player, you know, so. Four or five? Na, that's too low.