Le’Veon Bell teaches Colin how to say his name properly

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Pittsburgh Steelers RB Le'Veon Bell had a message for Colin Cowherd during his appearance on the show during Super Bowl week.

- I got to have you say my name right. It's LAY-vee-ON

- What do I say?

WOMAN: I said it right.

- What do I say?

- LAY-vee-in. LAY-vee-in.

- So now, you like it like, LAY-vee-ON, like, I'm getting on. Like Le'Veon.

WOMAN: Le'Veon.

- There it go. There it go. Even though, like, I don't-- I-- because I hear you, you know, saying-- I see you on TV all the time, so I hear you talk and do things like that. So, I hear you say LAY-vee-in all the time. And it-- it-- I mean, I feel like only you can do. But, I just had to to tell you the proper way to say the name just in case, you know, you ain't know.

- Yeah, because when I was a kid, everybody mispronounced Colin.

WOMAN: And you can relate.

- Well, my last name's Cowherd, so I got butchered in high school. So it's LAY-vee-- LAY-vee-ON. Le'Veon.

- There it go. That's it right there. Yup. That's it.

- See, right there. Excellent.

WOMAN: Oh, my gosh!

- Thanks for having me.

- I like that he actually corrected me. I actually like-- nobody's ever corrected me on the air. I love this.