Colin Cowherd criticizes the coverage of the Russell Westbrook fan-shoving incident

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Colin Cowherd examines the headlines surrounding the postgame confrontation between Russell Westbrook of the Oklahoma City Thunder and a Denver Nuggets fan. How should the story have been framed?

COLIN COWHERD: But the bigger story, the headline was MVP Russell Westbrook, MVP-- yeah, I know Westbrook should be guarding his guys. Now he's trying to goose his rebounding stats.

- You can't resist can you?

COLIN COWHERD: But, but this is what happened after the game. A fan runs on the court, and Westbrook's like whoa, whoa, whoa. So the headlines were, when I came in this morning, Russell Westbrook shoves fan who walked on the court and got very close. But it makes Westbrook out to be, well, whoa, whoa, very, very aggressive.

Are you kidding me, in 2017, with all the stuff going on in the world, from schools to the world, you don't know what that person has, what that person's intent is. So headlines are powerful things. I thought this morning, when I read it, I'm like, oh, Westbrook took a swing at a guy, Westbrook was overly aggressive.

So on this show we're going to give you what the headlines should have been for this, to be more fair. How about marginally employed meathead with a backwards hat, predictably poor judgment? That would have been a fair headline, considering he's on the floor.

How about faded jeans guy with a night off from his Mini Mart job attempts encounter with MVP? That appears to be more accurate to me. How about guy cut from a JV attempts a one-on-one challenge with Russell Westbrook? That headline is more accurate to me. And finally, Russell Westbrook awarded additional assist after helping disoriented fan back to his seat.

Headlines are powerful, because people increasingly don't read the stories. This is not a Westbrook issue. This is a fan who has no business being on the court and trying to have an encounter with an athlete who seconds earlier lost a game. NBA protect your players.

A fan has no business getting in a guy's face and shouting at him Westbrook has every right, in 2018, when there's looney, crazy people out with bad intentions everywhere, to defend himself, put his arm out, and push a guy back I would have done the same. The headline didn't tell the truth.