Colin details why Brady and Belichick are the perfect match as QB and coach

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Colin Cowherd talks Tom Brady and Bill Belichick going into Super Bowll LII against the Philadelphia Eagles. Find out what makes the New England QB and head coach the perfect pairing in Colin's eyes.

- I remember reading a story one time. And it was a couple years ago. And it was talking about marriages, and it said opposites may attract, but they don't last. It's that there's the old saying, oh, opposites attract. But you have to have fundamental values and personality traits that match, or you will not last as a couple.

And that could be a married couple, boyfriend/girlfriend, it could be boss/coworker, manager/salesmen. But opposites do attract, you know, the buttoned up guy sees the rock star girl, or the very conservative girl sees the biker guy. You can be attracted to that.

But if you don't have fundamental similarities in values, belief systems, and intensity, you won't last. You'll be attracted. But over time, the relationship will get worse.

So this week, I have been watching two documentaries, "Tom vs Time." Tom Brady lets us in, a six-part series, to his life. And last night, I watched "The Two Bills," Bill Parcells and Bill Belichick, arguably the two best football coaches of my life, probably.

And as I'm watching them-- oh, my god-- this is why this relationship has worked 18 years. Opposites may attract. They don't last. This puppy is lasting.

Shaq was a big personality. Kobe was aloof and an introvert. They broke up quickly. John Lennon, introverted academic. Paul McCartney, a big personality, social. It didn't last.

When you look at Brady and Belichick's documentaries, it's the same thing, an obsessive intensity. They care about very few things, but go a mile deep. And they both have obsessive, academic DNA. They are curious people who want to get smarter.

We're trying so hard to decipher who deserves more credit. Belichick has won these Super Bowls by field goals. He wouldn't win them without Tom. And Tom wouldn't get to them without Bill.

As I watched "The Two Bills" last night and I watched "Tom vs Time" earlier yesterday, I'm watching the same documentary.

A great marriage has to have certain absolute moral value and belief system and personality traits. That's why Big Ben and Tomlin worked initially. It's getting worse over time.

It's why Mike McCarthy and Aaron Rodgers worked initially. It's not working as well today. They're not a perfect fit.

You know, it's always been true that intense guy wears out laid back guy and laid back guy frustrates intense guy. The key to this relationship isn't their success. It's that unlike other quarterback-coaching relationships-- hell, it's better today than it's ever been, because we've been watching not two documentaries this week, but one.