Colin unveils what Jonathan Kraft’s Tom Brady comments mean for the GOAT, Belichick and the Patriots

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Reacting to Jonathan Kraft's comments that Tom Brady 'has earned the right' to decide when his career is over, Colin Cowherd unveils to Kristine Leahy why he speculates this signifies the end of Bill Belichick and The GOAT together in Foxborough on the New England Patriots.

- Jonathan Kraft said yesterday-- and if Jonathan Kraft is saying this, then his dad, Bob Kraft, has relayed the message. Here's the sound. Listen closely.

ANDREA KRAMER: Is there dysfunction in the organization now?


JONATHAN KRAFT: There's no dysfunction.

BOB KRAFT: No, wait.


BOB KRAFT: Tension-- I think tension, a certain amount of tension, helps make great things happen.

- That's not the bite I'm interested in. Here's the quote I'm interested in. I think Tom Brady's earned the right to make the decision to retire.

That is not a small thing. The Kraft family is doubling down on Brady over Belichick. They're doubling down on it, OK?

This is-- remember the first time I told you. We saw the ESPN story that Jimmy Garoppolo, a threat, get him out of town, OK? What they were saying is, Mr. Belichick, Tom trumps Belichick.

The ESPN story reported it. I theorized it before the story came out. Everybody's denying it. But now they're admitting there's tension. Well, why would there be tension?

So Jimmy Garoppolo is a threat, out of town. Yesterday, retirement, Tom makes a decision. This is not a small thing. Remember, all great mysteries leave clues, all of them.

Number one, Bill Belichick, a legendary grudge holder-- you know it. I know it. Parcells, Cleveland Browns, a legendary grudge holder. Number one, trades both of his backup quarterbacks for less than market value. That is a fact.

All mysteries leave clues. Garoppolo could have gotten more. Jacoby Brissett could've gotten more. Belichick always wants backup quarterbacks. He always wants a succession plan. Now he doesn't have it and gave it up.

The second clue, Belichick suddenly assists, for the first time in his career, his coordinators to get jobs, helps him in the interview process, lets them talk to the press, makes phone calls on their behalf. All mysteries leave clues. He's never done that before.

And number three, which I mentioned two days ago, Belichick wears a fedora off the plane. Belichick had 33 smiles on media night. Belichick, who's historically grumpy-- I'm reading a CBS report this morning-- has never been this glib, has never been this warm, has never been this lighthearted at a Super Bowl. Why? Swan song.

The notoriously grudge-holding coach who's got the longest memory in the league, after this game, leaves New England. They have no succession plan at quarterback after Tom. They have no succession plan after Bill. I'm telling you now. The media people that are suggesting Brady is going to leave, Brady, for the second time yesterday, was told this time publicly, Tom will decide when he leaves.

That is the second time. The first time New England denies it. We did not force Belichick to trade Garoppolo. Now, well, according to a story that was published now that you admit there's tension, this time was public. Tom will decide.

So yesterday they largely admitted the ESPN story was right. There's tension in the building. Well, why the hell would there be tension? Where the tension? All you guys do is win Super Bowls. So I think the timing is incredibly interesting.

And let me add this caveat. Let me add this. If Belichick is considering doing what I believe is a coin flip, a 50/50 proposition, he's gone after the Super Bowl. Especially if we wins, he's gone. Of all the places, why would Belichick send Josh McDaniels, make calls on his behalf to Indianapolis. Why?

I mean, he wouldn't trade Garoppolo here or there or-- why? Because if Belichick leaves, Indianapolis now would have the best quarterback not named Brady in the AFC, Andrew Luck, with all of Belichick's secrets with Josh McDaniels, and a good GM, Chris Ballard. So I'm just laying it out there.

Everybody in the media talking about Brady retiring. Zero chance. Belichick, 50/50 proposition. No succession plan at quarterback, now no succession plan post-Bill.

And he has never in his career gone to a Super Bowl and been this glib, wearing the fedora, knew he would be asked questions, answered all of them, joking with the press, 33 smiles, never been this glib, multiple articles. Folks, all mysteries leave clues, one, two, three. Opinionism, alive and well in the herd.