Kristine Leahy thinks the Blake Griffin trade is just the start of a rebuild for the Clippers

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Colin Cowherd and Kristine Leahy talk Blake Griffin and the Los Angeles Clippers. What is next for Doc Rivers and Jerry West in L.A.?

- The Clippers traded Blake Griffin to Detroit. And now there are rumors that DeAndre Jordan is next to be traded so Doc was asked about that today. And here his answer.

- Just trying to win now with what we have and just play for us every night. But that's hard, that's the tough part. You know, we make this trade and then everyone thinks we're just trading everybody away, that's not true. You know? But that's what's out there.

Sometimes you can't control the narrative, you just control your job. And that's what I have to do.

COLIN COWHERD: Well, come on.

- Well first of all, what an awful deal for Blake Griffin to go to Detroit. I don't think-- first of all, I mean, not that this is everything, but I don't think his current girlfriend is going to go visit him in Detroit. He also has at least four more years left on his deal, so he's stuck there unless Detroit is going to trade him, which I don't really see that happening.

Also, the Clippers just got Avery Bradley. And remember, Avery played for Doc before in Boston. And I don't think they have the best relationship. This is also rebuilding and remember why Doc left Boston? Because he didn't want to rebuild, which tells me that this isn't really his decision.

This is maybe Jerry West's decision or Steve Ballmer's decision to start rebuilding, which also tells me that Andre might actually be next and that Doc isn't really in the loop.

- Listen you can't-- you can't say you're not trading all your pieces when you called Blake Griffin a Clipper for life like a month, two months ago and now you're getting rid of him. And it's clearly a priority to clear space. Like everybody gets this, right? Like, nobody is fooled by this.

I've got enough sources, even with the Clippers, to know their clearing space, man. It's the LeBron sweepstakes. Do you want to be number 2 to the Lakers? This is why the Angels go after big names. This is why UCLA football hired Chip Kelly. You want to do a paradigm shifter.

You're never going to surpass the Lakers who now have these young pieces and are going all in on Paul George and LeBron if you're going and getting Avery Bradley. This is about clearing space and making a run at LeBron and everybody in the league knows it.

- Which, by the way, even if they don't get LeBron, this is a move I think they should have done years ago and I was saying it years ago. Because clearly the big three that they had in Chris Paul, Blake, and Andre, it wasn't working and they were only changing pieces around them.

So this needed to happen a while ago to just blow it up. Because you aren't going to win a championship or even get passed the second round.