Colin Cowherd explains why Alex Smith is an upgrade over Kirk Cousins in Washington

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Colin Cowherd talks Alex Smith heading to the Washington Redskins. Hear his thoughts on Washington upgrading their QB spot.

- The Washington Redskins have acquired Alex Smith as their quarterback. And Kirk Cousins now will leave Washington. And yes, sorry, Cowboys, Dak Prescott owned one quarterback in this division, Kirk Cousins. He was 4 and 0 against him. He's leaving. Alex Smith is an upgrade at quarterback.

I know everybody wants to tell me today, no, no, no. Folks, Kirk Cousins went in the fourth round. Every team in the league passed on him three times. Kyle Shanahan, the guy that drafted him, that knew the odometer, chose Jimmy Garoppolo three months ago. Jay Gruden, another really smart offensive guy, chose Alex Smith over Kirk Cousins.

If you have to pay Kirk Cousins $30 million a year, he won't help your team, he'll hurt it. Alex Smith comes in at $23 million, only $18 guaranteed. Forget the fact that Alex Smith has a better passer rating. In fact, Alex Smith led the NFL last year in passer rating.

He's a better athlete than Kirk Cousins. He's more experienced than Kirk Cousins. He throws fewer picks than Kirk Cousins. And he's less expensive. Ask Baltimore about Joe Flacco's deal. They've never been the same.

Kirk Cousins has a dilemma. He so desperately wants to prove everybody wrong that he's going to prove everybody right that he is not a big time quarterback, because there's seven or eight desperate teams in this NFL, maybe just six. But it's somewhere in that ballpark that will pay Kirk Cousins of fortune. None of them think he's worth it.

But in the NFL, as Jay Glazer says, it is a miserable life if you don't have a guy that can occasionally move the chains and end chaos at quarterback. So he will get $28 to $30. Million and he's worth about $20 max, max.

If you told me today Case Keenum, if you told me today Teddy Bridgewater, if you told me today Kirk Cousins, it is a coin flip. Sorry, just is.

But he wants to prove people so desperately wrong that he's going to use that leverage in a league that's desperate for quarterback play for seven teams. And Denver's going to overpay, or Arizona's going to overpay. And in the process, they won't be able to afford other good players. Translation, Kirk'll get his money and lose football games and in his desperate pleas and his desperate attempt to prove he's right will prove he's absolutely wrong.

Last night, I sat down when I heard about this deal. And I wrote down the top quarterbacks I'd take before Kirk Cousins, Brady, Brees, Ben, Luck, Rodgers, Wentz, Russell Wilson, Matt Ryan, Cam, Derek Carr, Philip Rivers, DeSean Watson, Matt Stafford, Jimmy Garoppolo, Jared Goff, and Alex Smith. I was at 16. I didn't even include Dak and Mariota and Winston and Eli and Flacco and Tannehill, nor Sam Darnold from USC or Josh Rosen UCLA who will enter the year this league-- enter the NFL this year.

Yes, Washington absolutely upgraded at quarterback. Kirk Cousins, dude, it's not just about knowing what you are. You and your agent have to decide what you aren't. And what you are not is worth $30 million dollars.

It will come back to haunt you. It's why Kyle Shanahan chose Garoppolo, Jay Gruden chose Alex Smith, and why you're going to end up on a bad roster that will never get better, because you're trying to prove everybody wrong.