Matt Barnes: ‘LeBron to L.A would be an amazing finish to an amazing career’

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Matt Barnes joins Colin Cowherd in studio to talk about LeBron James and his future in the NBA. Will 'The King' end his career in Los Angeles?

- What is your feeling as a player? Like when players text you--


- --what are they saying about LeBron's future?

- I personally think that the Houston play would be a play to try to win another championship. But I think ideally to write off in the sunset, to get ready for the next journey in his career, which he expressed he wants to be an owner, there's no better tutelage than Magic Johnson. There's no better city to do it than in LA.

I heard he has multiple houses out here. And I think it would be a great situation to get him around Kuzma and Zo, and some of their younger guys to really teach them how to win and teach them how to be pros along with all the amazing young talent they have. So I think the sun has set as far as him thinking-- him being able to beat the Warriors.

I mean, I really don't even think Cleveland wins that first title unless Draymond is getting out the game. I think that the Warriors would be going for three in a row. So I think this is their last run.

I still believe that their strongest team in the East. I love Boston, but they're young. And they haven't been there yet.

- Jayson Tatum. 28 minutes.

- Love him.

- I love him, too. But he's a kid.

- Yeah, exactly. Love him. Love their talent.

But I think once LeBron leaves or once LeBron's done in the East, it's Cleveland time. But it's still hard for me to bet against him. But I think LeBron to LA would be an amazing finish to an amazing career.