David Beckham joins The Herd after Miami MLS franchise announcement

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David Beckham joins Colin Cowherd to talk about the state of soccer in the United States, the MLS expansion in Miami and more.

COLIIN COWHERD: You know, David, it's interesting. I was introduced at a very young age-- my late mother was British, and I grew up in the Pacific Northwest, so I've always been the American sportscaster that appreciates soccer.

But we are in a very distracted market. American kids have football, basketball, baseball. Can we ever truly-- like, I won't get my feelings hurt --will we ever truly be a soccer power in America, or is our youth level too distracted with too many options?

- No. You know, I've always believed in this sport in America. It's one of the reasons why I moved from Real Madrid to go over to the MLS, and live in LA, and play for the Galaxy, because I believed where this league was heading.

You know, that's-- that was quite a few years ago. And the league has gone from strength to strength. We've added teams, we've added stadiums, the commissioner and the other owners done-- have done an incredible job so far.

You know, this sport is a-- is a truly global sport. It's the most-- it's-- it-- it's the-- it's the most powerful sport, I believe, in the land. And, you know, the fact that we bring in franchise, now, into a truly global city. I've always believed in this sport no matter what, you know. I've done it for many years. And I will continue to believe in this sport.

Yes, there's other great sports throughout this country, and there's other great sports throughout this world, but I believe in this game. And I'm excited to bring it to Miami.

COLIIN COWHERD: You know, we have a young star-- I have called him our Magic Johnson --Christian Pulisic, who's now playing over in Germany. And there is a little bit of a pushback in America. We get very parochial here, that we want our young kids to play in the MLS.

And my argument is, baloney. I want our young kids to go over to Europe and play in the EPL, and I want them to play in Germany and La Liga. Where do you fall on that, with a young American player? I think he would just grow faster in Europe. And then we can-- you know, we can retain your rights, obviously, and come over here. Do you believe young American players-- for their growth --should go to Europe and play?

DAVID BECKHAM: Look, this is-- this is what we aim for as owners. This is what we want to do. We want to get this league to the level of a Premier League, of a La Liga, or of the German league, of the French league. That's what our aim is. You know, that's why we want to keep these young talented players that are from this country, and from other countries, and we want to keep them. And we want to keep them in the MLS.

But there's nothing wrong with these young players going over to play in Europe. Because at the end of the day, you know, that-- that gains experience. You're playing with some of the biggest players, some-- in front of some of the biggest fans. And that's what comes with players going over to different places and different leagues.

You know, you saw it with Landon Donovan. You know, Landon just didn't play in the MLS. He played in Europe, and he got-- he gained experience. And he's one of the most successful US players.

Now, at the moment, obviously the US have gone through a-- a slight down. And I think that that's-- that's-- now gives the league-- the-- the sport a chance, now, to sit back and say, OK, what's going wrong? What-- what can we change? How can we make this better?

Because US soccer has made huge strides in getting better, in being-- in being more popular. And they've they've got to an amazing level. But it's just taking a hit over obviously not qualifying for the World Cup.

But this is a positive story. This is us bringing a game into a great city. And this is a positive story. But going back to what you said, is there anything wrong with these young, talented American players going over to Europe? No, there isn't, because it gains experience. But do we want to keep them playing in the MLS? Of course we do.