Colin Cowherd: The Eagles feel like the Falcons and Seahawks did going into their Super Bowl matchups against the Patriots

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Colin Cowherd talks Super Bowl LII. Find out why Colin thinks this year's Eagles team is very much like the Seahawks and Falcons teams that lost to the Patriots in the Super Bowl.

- Pro Football Focus, over the course of a year, ranks players. And every year, on the Monday, they start ranking the top 10 players in the Super Bowl. And Tom Brady is the top-ranked player. And Rob Gronkowski is number two. And then the Patriots have the seventh- and eighth-best player, Stephon Gilmore and Trey Flowers. But 6 of the top 10 are Philadelphia Eagles, and 14 of the top 20 are Philadelphia Eagles.

So this-- this is like wooo, whoa, ahhh. Go look back at history. Same with the Seattle Seahawks. Same with the Atlanta Falcons. Same with the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Eagles, to me, feel very much like Seattle and Atlanta, an NFC team with a lot of great individual athletes that go into the game without a coach as good as Belichick or a quarterback as good as Brady. But there is a sense now, oh, my, ohh, look at Philadelphia, 14 of the top 20 players. And I don't, for a second, question the authenticity of Pro Football Focus. But I do think this is happening-- and I don't think it's happening with the coaches, but I think it's happening with the media and the fans-- we are looking at athe Philadelphia-Minnesota game and giving it too much impact.

Listen, when Philadelphia, at home, beat Atlanta, Atlanta had just flown cross-country-- they were a road-weary team-- flew back to Atlanta, back up to Philadelphia. There was not equal rest. When they played Minnesota, again, Minnesota had to go on the road as a dome team. They don't do well in NFC Championships, 0 and 12 last 12. And, secondly, they had just come off the miracle win. Biggest win in 15, 20 years for Minnesota.

Remember, New England now is equally rested, just as healthy, neutral field, with far more experience, coach and quarterback. I-- I'm hearing too many people say, Look at what Philadelphia did to Minnesota.

A week earlier, if you look at the numbers against Atlanta-- and Atlanta shares more in common with New England, veteran coach, veteran quarterback, good personnel on defense, probably better personnel on offense. This-- here's the numbers for you. This was in Philadelphia, a night game. Those numbers are pretty comparable, right? Total yards, rushing yards, passing yards. And that was a tired Atlanta team on the road, dome team, cold weather.

All I'm saying is this. This is no disrespect to Philadelphia, but the media does this. They look at the very last thing that happened, and they say that's going to happen again. And it almost never does. Atlanta was an exhausted, road-weary team going on the road. And Minnesota was another dome team going on the road off a miracle win. This is a completely different environment.