Colin details why he thinks the Celtics look a little bit like the Patriots right now

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Colin Cowherd talks Boston Celtics. Find out why he thinks Brad Stevens' team feels a little bit like the New England Patriots.

- Jaylen Brown and Kyrie Irving were absolutely perfect in the first half. They were brilliant. They've never played better together than that game.

The Warriors were out of sync, especially on defense, in the first half. Klay Thompson was as bad as I've ever seen him. Kevin Durant got in foul trouble early and, I think, over the course of the game, just wasn't overly effective, and Golden State won.

And it's interesting. I think Boston's exceptionally well-coached, but Jayson Tatum, now 28 minutes, 4 points-- he's clearly hit the rookie wall. And I was watching that game, and I had this feeling. There's always been this feeling the Patriots don't have the best players, but they win because they got the brilliant coach and quarterback.

You know, Boston feels a little bit to me like the Patriots, where I think they have this brilliant coach-- Brad Stevens, and this brilliant point guard/quarterback, Kyrie Irving, and then a bunch of Jaylen Brown and Al Horford, and they've got some interesting parts. But the difference is, in football, New England only has to beat Seattle once in the Super Bowl-- and Atlanta, once-- and Philadelphia, once-- and Jacksonville, once. In the NBA, Boston outplayed them for big portions, but you'd have to beat Golden State four times in a week, which is why I've always argued you should shorten NBA playoff series.

Listen, in a three-game series, if Boston played Golden State and won that opener, the psychological pressure on Golden State would be huge. People say, the NBA, there's not enough drama. We know who's going to win. That's reduced even further when you consider you'd have to beat the Warriors four times, which nobody's going to do.

And I watched that game, and I'm like, Boston can play around and win this game, and Boston's very much in it, and-- But in the end, even if they had won that game, they'd have to beat them three more times, over the course of 13 days, and it's not going to happen. So I think you can win with a little less talent, with brilliant coaching, in football because I only have to beat you for 3 and 1/2 hours.

There's the element of surprise. I can get a break. I can beat you, situationally. Can you imagine if New England would have played the Seahawks another six times, and the element of surprise is gone?

So I mean that's-- I see the Patriots when I watch the Celtics. They've got their star leader, Kyrie, Brady. They've got their great coach, it's a very stable family, terrific organization. But, boy, in the NBA, the idea that you have to beat the Warriors four times in two weeks-- folks, it's just not going to happen.

There is nobody in this league close to beating the Warriors four times in two weeks. And Boston and Houston may be the only ones that could win a couple of games.