Colin thinks it is time to bring back the ‘LeBronzo’ meter

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Colin Cowherd talks LeBron's future in the NBA. Hear why he thinks 'The King' has a chance of moving to Los Angeles to play for the Lakers.

- I got a call Thursday as I was about to board a plane. It was from a journalist who I have known for 20 years but have not talked to in a long time. He text me, call me. I've got information on LeBron James.

This is somebody who I've known for years, I respect, they work hard, they have their feet on the ground, and an ear to stories.

OK, I'm going to say this. I've got to protect my source. And this is still a developing story.

But LeBron in the Lakers is very much in play. LeBron has a team of attorneys, and marketers, and shoe reps, and nutritionists, and business partners, and trainers. And that team will eventually move to the location LeBron's going to move. And I'll just leave it at this, let's just say none of his team members have a place in Houston.

You know how I ditch the LeBronzo Meter? It is currently under construction. This is very much in play meaning our favorite song now gets to be played on this show one more time.

[MUSIC - "Y.M.C.A."] You're gonna leave for LA. It's the worst kept secret in the NBA. Colin Cowherd knows. Even dentist knows. They're getting ready for LeBronzo. So go ahead and book your flight to LA. We all know you wish you could leave today. You can stop the team from being so bad if you could put up with Lonzo's dad.

- Fluid story, still happening. Lakers very, very much in play.