Doug Gottlieb thinks LeBron needs to improve…at covering his tracks

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Doug Gottlieb talks LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Find out why Doug thinks 'The King' needs to learn to cover his tracks.

- I find it fascinating what's happening in Cleveland. I don't know if you saw this story, but Dan Gilbert would reportedly like to sell the team. Of course, you sell high, right? And never is the value higher than when a team has been to three straight NBA finals, won an NBA championship, and has LeBron James on it.

He's not from Cleveland. He's a Detroit guy. And things are going bad, and in order to even fix it on the fly this year, if they acquire another body, that's going to hurt them against a salary cap-- there'll be more luxury tax paid out. And he'll probably have to do that in order to continue to kind of find a way to put a finger in the dike, as this Cleveland Cavalier team has been coming apart at the seams, seemingly, all season long.

But I find it interesting, you know, sometimes on social media, you see dog shaming where-- my dog will do this, where my dog will tear up the bed. My dog tears up his own bed, which doesn't really make any sense to me, but he'll tear up his own bed. And you follow the little pieces of foam, and they lead directly to my dog. And then you're like, did you do this? And then the dog's like, you know, puts his head down.

Kids do this as well. Kids aren't even good at covering their tracks. You know, the cookie jar is open, the proverbial cookie jar is open.

Or for my son, for example, he likes this trail mix. And I can't figure out last night, why he wasn't eating his dinner, like, man I made you this steak, I made you all the things that you like, and you're not eating. He's like, ah, I'm just not hungry.

And then I go back in his room, and I notice that there's trail mix, and that all the pieces of chocolate are missing from the trail mix. So it wasn't just like he was eating the peanuts and the good stuff for you. He was just eating the-- picking out the pieces of chocolate. Kids sometimes aren't good at covering.

You know who else is not good at covering their tracks-- LeBron James. He's just not good at this. There's an art to planting a story. Artistes can plant many stories, and somehow throw themselves lightly under the bus.

But look at the litany of stories coming out of Cleveland. Next to the Sacramento Kings, they're the worst defensive team in the league. And as they continue to struggle to win basketball games-- what have they lost, 11 out of 14, something like that? As they continue to struggle in this first half of the season, we've heard that Kevin Love has been called a liar.

Things you don't-- it even goes back to old Westerns. Like, you don't want to call anybody a liar-- you calling me a liar-- because that's essentially what Isaiah Thomas apparently did in their players' only meeting, called him a liar. Said, why are you leaving the game, why are you going home, we gave up 148 points, and you're not there.

And Kevin Love said it was because he was sick, and Isaiah Thomas didn't buy it. That story came out. Now there's this new story that Kyrie Irving threatened to sit out the year with a knee injury, or have knee surgery, instead of playing another year with the LeBron James.

I'll do anything it takes, anything, to not play with that guy, to not play in this regime. I just don't like it. I don't like what's going on here.

And then of course, last night LeBron did-- Lebron's the bigger man-- LeBron James selected Kyrie Irving as part of his team. I'm the bigger man. Well, Lebron's the good guy, he picked up Kyrie. Kyrie's the bad guy because he left the team.

He said, I'll sit out because of a knee injury. Forget about the fact that the reason Kyrie left is playing out all in front of us, because Kyrie knew that LeBron makes all these decisions, and takes no ownership over them. When there's a bad contract, when there's a bad negotiation, when there's a bad fit, hey, the owner's got to spend some money, the GM's got to do a better job.

We even saw that story that came out two days ago. Brian Windhorst saying what LeBron's really mad about is they didn't get Paul George. Forget about the fact that the Indiana Pacers, even though the Cavs had negotiated a deal, the Pacers were like, we're not giving away Paul George to a team in our own division. Not doing that. Forget that.

Trade him to Oklahoma City. And the Pacers pulled off a better trade-- got killed at the time-- but Oladipo and Sabonis are two starters for the Pacers. Oladipo's a freaking all-star. It was a great trade.

Like LeBron James isn't even dealing in the reality of what is possible. He wanted Eric Bledsoe, what are you going to send back in return? I mean, you can't trade back Isaiah Thomas to the Phoenix Suns. One, they didn't want him-- he wasn't healthy at the time anyway. So what are you going to send back?

So you hear stories about, you know, the owner and the GM being called out because they didn't pull off deals. Kyrie's the bad guy because he threatened to sit out, and kind of fake a knee injury instead of actually playing with the Cavaliers. Isaiah Thomas looking like a bad fit, and a bad guy, because he calls out Kevin Love and calls him a liar.

And no fingers are ever in any of these stories pointing to LeBron James. You know why? Because that's where the stories come from! He's got to be better-- you have to be better at this.

And I know I was saying, like LeBron James is texting Windhorst, and texting all these guys. It doesn't work that way. You tell your guy, who tells the story. You tell a guy, who tells a guy.

But when not one single finger comes back and goes, you know, LeBron could have been better to Kyrie a long time ago. You know, LeBron was the guy who really pushed management to negotiate with Tristan Thompson, in this untradable contract. You know, LeBron wanted that Paul George deal done, and he's really mad, but he's more mad at the Pacers than he is at the Cavs. No, no, no, all the fingers point away.

You have to be better. You cannot be, cannot be like a Labrador, a Labrador puppy, where you're like, did you do this? He's like, yeah, I did this. It's so obvious.

Is it, it's not-- it's obvious to everybody, right, isn't it? And even the, Lebron's the bigger man, because LeBron drafted Kyrie Irving last night. Like, c'mon.