Rob Parker explains why LeBron should take Kyrie with his first pick tonight

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Rob Parker joins Colin Cowherd in studio to talk about LeBron James and the 2018 NBA All-Star game.

- Rob Parker what's your take away on this selection tonight?

ROB PARKER: LeBron James should be the bigger man and pick Kyrie Irving with his pick.

WOMAN: His first pick?

ROB PARKER: With his first pick. And I think it would be good for LeBron from this standpoint. That maybe now that he sees what life is post Kyrie, that maybe he underestimated and didn't realize what a talent that Kyrie really is. I believe if he could do it all over again-- and the way he both handled him, and whether or not he would have made a pitch to try to keep him with him, and acknowledge him more-- I think that he would do it all over, and he would change his way, and would rather have Kyrie Irving still with the team now that would give him a real chance to win. Because he has no chance to win now.