Kristine and Colin share their thoughts on LeBron congratulating himself on Instagram

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Kristine Leahy and Colin Cowherd offer up their opinions on Lebron James giving himself a bit of congratulations prior to hitting 30k career points.

- But I've started to realize that LeBron is actually the biggest troll out there, so he probably deserves this. And when he does things like he did on his Instagram, I mean, I don't know what I'm supposed to do. There's really no choice.

- All right.

- He is sitting on 29,993 career points.

- Yeah.

- So he's set to pass the 30,000-point threshold tonight against the Spurs.

- Yeah.

- So what does LeBron do? He congratulates himself for 30,000 points before he even has scored 30,000 points. And he did it with a post on Instagram, which I'm just to read to you because this is ridiculous. And by the way, it's like a young LeBron James. Right?

"Wanna be one of the first to congratulate you," he's talking about himself here, "on this accomplishment/achievement tonight that you'll reach. Only a handful has reach, seen it too, and while I know it's never been a goal of yours from the beginning, try, please try, to take a moment for yourself on how you've done it. The house you're about to be a part of only has six seats in it as of now, but one more will be added and you should be very proud and honored to be invited inside. There's so many people to thank who's helped this even become possible. So thank them all. And when you finally get your moment alone to yourself, smile. Look up to the higher sky and say thank you. So with that said, congrats again, young King," with an emoji of a king, "one love. Hashtag, of course, #striveforgreatness, hashtag #thekidfromakron." Are you kidding me?

- That's a little over the top.

- Are you kidding me? You're congratulating yourself before you-- could you not just wait a day? Even the day later it would have been obnoxious, but come on.

- You know, you could have put a picture of yourself in high school and said, tonight's going to be special. I know where it all started. And just leave there.

- Exactly. And you know what, great. Good for you. You should celebrate this.

- Because I like the picture. He doesn't even look like LeBron.

- "I want to be one of the first to congratulate you." Don't you know if you're one of the first to congratulate yourself? This is just obnoxious. And this is why. You know, he asks for it.