Colin Cowherd unveils 19 reasons why Tom Brady and the Patriots will beat the Jacksonville Jaguars

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In his preview of the AFC Championship Game, Colin Cowherd unveils 19 reasons why Tom Brady and the New England Patriots will beat Blake Bortles and the Jacksonville Jaguars.

- So I'm going to give you 19 reasons why the Patriots are going to beat the Jaguars. So you want to have a little light orchestra music. Number one, Jacksonville's coming off the biggest win in a decade. OK? What happens when sports teams, high school, college, to pro, come off their biggest win in a decade? They're flat the following week.

Number two is we don't need to go into too many details here, you can figure it out. I have Tom Brady, you have Blake Bortles. I'm just going to let that bake for a couple seconds. Number three, Bill Belichick is the greatest coach probably ever, and the other guy is not. I'm going to let that bake for a couple of seconds.

Number four, the Jacksonville Jaguars, it's their fourth roadie in five weeks. That's-- Atlanta, by the way, why did Philadelphia, why did Vegas like Philadelphia? Atlanta had been on the road, including a playoff game with the Rams, for more than a month. Number five, Vegas knows New England because they've had New England in this spot a lot of times. 15 times they've had the Patriots as a double-digit favorite in the playoffs. They've been right 12 of the 15. This is not a double-digit favorite, it's 9.5. But Vegas knows the Patriots well, and when they make them a big favorite, they win big.

Number six is there's a massive experience gap. New England has eight times the playoff experience. Number seven, this is a stat I pay a lot of attention to when I make my "Blazing 5" picks-- yards per play. New England's fifth, Jacksonville 12th. New England's a more explosive offense. That's also a stat Vegas wise guys pay attention to.

Number eight, third down conversions. New England 10th, Jacksonville 20th. They will have the ball longer. Number nine, Blake Bortles is not good while trailing. Did you know that Blake Bortles' passer rating when leading is 100? When he's trailing, it's 67. And New England and Tom Brady have led in the playoffs in the last decade 64% of the time.

Number 10, Leonard Fournette. Yes, Leonard Fournette is why New England is going to win. His three biggest college games against Alabama, he was shut down in each. What does Belichick do better than anybody? Take away your star. Who's Belichick's best friend? The coach who shut down Leonard Fournette, Nick Saban.

Number 11, New England has a major chip on their shoulder from the ESPN story. This is a franchise that won a Super Bowl in the year they were busted for Deflategate and the year after Deflategate. Number 12, Tom Brady has an increasing chip on his shoulder now that his understudy, Jimmy Garoppolo, went to San Francisco and suddenly became the second hottest quarterback in the league to one Tom Brady.

Number 13, the Gronk factor. This is remarkable. When Tom Brady and Gronk have played together, this is unbelievable. 90 wins. 80% winning percentage when Gronk and Brady play together. There's never been a combo with that percentage.

Number 14, Bill Belichick all-time, including playoffs and Peyton Manning, has an 82 winning percentage, 82% winning percentage against the AFC South. Every time there's a tough guy from the AFC South-- oh, Houston Texans wear a letterman jacket, look at the Jags defense, here come the Colts, Peyton Manning-- they are 10 and 1 in the playoffs, 38 and 8 overall against this division.

And reasons 15 through 19 for our television viewing audience, that's why the Patriots--

WOMAN: Really?

COLIN COWHERD: --those are five Super Bowl rings. That's why the New England Patriots are going to beat the Jacksonville Jaguars.

WOMAN: That's how you got to 19.