Kristine Leahy reports that the NBA is investigating the Clippers – Rockets skirmish, Talks Warriors – Cavs

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Kristine Leahy reveals to Colin Cowherd that the NBA is investigating the Los Angeles Clippers - Houston Rockets skirmish where James Harden and Chris Paul tried to get into the Clippers' locker room. Additionally, Kristine reports that Kevin Durant and the Golden State Warriors were forced to take cold showers after their win over the Cleveland Cavaliers because there was no hot water in the visiting locker room of Quicken Loans Arena.

- After the Rockets-Clippers game last night--

- Yeah.

- Apparently some of the Rockets players snuck through a back hallway that connects the two locker rooms to try to start a fight. And Clint Capela, they sent him out to the front entrance of the locker room to knock on the door, on the Clippers' door, to distract the players inside, so the rest of the guys could sneak in the back through this hallway. LAPD had to get involved. But the players involved were James Harden, Trevor Ariza, and Gerald Green. All pushed into the locker room and they were trying to confront Austin Rivers and Blake Griffin.


- So LAPD was called to kind of break it up. And then Adrian Wojnarowski's reporting today that there is an NBA investigation into what happened after the game, and there will be no shortage of punished individuals.

- Well, Chris Paul went along with it. But he's the president of the Players Association.


- I wouldn't see him getting into a fisticu-- I would think he did it because I think he was worried Trevor Ariza--

KRISTINE LEAHY: Might have, yeah.

- Because Ariza-- well, Ariza was getting really emotional. And Blake could've bumped the coach. Like, it felt like, to me, it was really emotional. And Chris Paul was going back there to, like, hey, I've been in this room. Let's slow down, guys. This could be a circus.

- Well, apparently this also happened between the Warriors and the Clippers. The Warriors also used this back entrance to try to confront some players. I think they should probably cement that off.

- Yeah.

KRISTINE LEAHY: That's probably not a good thing. You want to meet outside, go ahead. Meet for drinks later. But not in the locker rooms. There probably shouldn't be a little secret entrance.

COLIN COWHERD: That's not a good look for the league. Not a good look.

KRISTINE LEAHY: No. And finally, some other locker room drama last night-- this time it was in Cleveland after the Warriors beat the Cavs. There was apparently no hot water in the visiting players' locker rooms.

COLIN COWHERD: Oh, yeah. I'm sure it's a coincidence.

- Yeah. Literally no hot water. And the players all kind of jumped in, jumped out, put a lot of clothes on. And Kevin Durant, the reporters could hear him yelling from the shower, "Man, they gotta do something in the Q. Somebody call Bron." Meaning-- I mean, let's be honest. If LeBron wanted them to have hot water, I'm sure they would have had hot water. So had to take a cold shower after they won last night.

- Cold enough in Cleveland.

- What's going on with the locker rooms?

COLIN COWHERD: I don't know.

- Crazy.