Colin explains why he is staying the course with his Cavaliers pick

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Colin Cowherd talks LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers after they lost to the Golden State Warriors on Monday.

- If you're Cleveland, I'm watching last night and I'm thinking, yeah, they're getting there. They're getting there. They're OK. Every time they play Golden State, they're motivated. The line last night in Vegas was only five. Even Vegas knows they play Golden State, they come to play. They did. Late in the game, the better team-- younger team, better defensive team-- won.

I'm going to stand by my prediction with the Cavs, even after losing last night. This is my prediction. Let's wait until the NBA All-Star break around Valentine's Day on February 15th. Let's let this Isaiah Thomas thing work itself out for about 20 games. Let's see where they're at. Last January on MLK Day, they lost by 33 to the Warriors. I watched them last night. That was a four-point game for a lot of it. Last year we all looked foolish overreacting. Don't go there. Now you can. That's what makes sports great.

And I would just say this-- I think this is my personality. I grew up with some chaos as a kid. So whenever I see chaos, I try to take a deep breath. [INHALING, EXHALING] Heavy breathing, don't overreact. I remember in 2008, stock market crashed. I was reading articles-- capitalism is dead, pull your money out of 401(k)s. I went the opposite. In March of 2009, every penny I had, jammed it into the market. I've never pulled it out. A lot of people said there's two bandwagons. You can jump on the, I'm going to bail, I'm going to pull out my 401(k), or, no I don't think capitalism's dead, I'm going to go the other way. It's paid off for me.

Every September, seemingly, New England struggles-- especially the last two. There's two bandwagons to jump on. Oh my god! New England, Brady, it's over. Nah, Belichick's the best teacher in the NFL. My feeling is they'll kind of figure it out. Second straight year they've figured it out.

Like there's two bandwagons. This is why I love sports. Sports, you take a side, I take a side. And then we figure out over time who's right. A lot of you pulled all your money out of the market. I wasn't going to do it. A lot of you bailed on New England in September. I'm not going to do it. A lot of you bailed on the Cavs last year in January, when they lost by 33 to the Warriors on MLK Day and had a losing record. I wasn't going to do it. And I'm not going to do it now.

I saw a story this morning. It said, "Multiple Cavs Acknowledging Growing Disconsent." Discontent, excuse me. So let me read you the story. "Several prominent players speaking on a condition of anonymity say number one, they're concerned about the Cavs aging roster." Let's not overreact. It is old. "They're concerned about defensively-challenged personnel." I'm not going to overreact. They are challenged. "Players are concerned about a glut of redundant role players." Everybody in this league has got a bunch of guys that shoot 3s. Yeah.

The story also says, "With a trade deadline looming February 8, the Cavaliers do have some options." That's encouraging, and also true. "It should also be noted they reeled off 18 wins a night team games earlier this year." Oh gosh, that's also true. And then there's the quote of the night last night by Isaiah Thomas, LeBron's new teammate, quote, "you know, it's going to take me 15 to 20 games, maybe a month, before I feel like I'm physically back at the level I can play at." Oh, that's also true.

Listen, man. There's two bandwagons-- in finance, in life, in business, in relationships, in sports-- you can jump on. The sky is falling, go for it. Go for it. Or yeah, I'm going to trust LeBron. The East is still weak. They have Isaiah, Kevin Love, and LeBron. All can be elite scorers. They have a ton of post-season experience. I think they have a pretty solid coach. They still have a trade they can work out. LeBron tends to attract other good players. I'm going to go on that side. And then you and me-- this is why sports is awesome-- we'll get to the All-Star break, and we can argue back and forth. And then we'll get to the playoffs, and we can argue back and forth

Life gives us all opportunities to jump on two bandwagons. There's the I'm outta here, and there's the I'm gonna take a deep breath. When it comes to the stock market, I don't think capitalism's ever going to die. When it comes to the NFL, I think Brady's going to work it out. And when it comes to LeBron and the Eastern Conference, I think he's going to be around in the finals-- probably against Boston. And I'll take him, even after losing to the best NBA team in a decade last night in a very competitive game.