Colin compares LeBron to Gordon Ramsey

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Colin Cowherd breaks down the 5 stages of LeBron James and explains how King James' personality compares to Chef Gordon Ramsey’s.

- There are people in life that have overpowering personalities, and how do you deal with overpowering personalities? I'll give you an example-- a TV personality. There's a chef called Gordon Ramsay. He's a British guy. He's got the spiky hair. 16 Michelin stars, honored by Queen Elizabeth, you know-- Britain's great chef. And he's a very overpowering personality. And you know, chefs have egos, so here's what-- there's like the five stages of dealing with him.

So he arrives in your restaurant, and your restaurant's struggling. It's not ideal. So he arrives in your restaurant. That's step one. And then the chef struggles with his dominance. They really struggle with it. Like, they've always been the chef, but their restaurant's not doing as good as they want, so they bring Gordon Ramsay in-- one. Number two, they start struggling with him, and then number three, it gets ugly. And it's just arguments and it's ugly.

And then the fourth stage of Gordon Ramsay, and you've seen this 100 times in his TV show. It's the same stage every time. The fourth stage is, finally the chef's like, well, you are Gordon Ramsay. I'll relent. And then the fifth stage is the food gets better and the restaurant's saved. And those are the five stages of really Gordon Ramsay, and he has this TV show, and it's the same damn thing every time.

He arrives to a struggling restaurant. It's shocking, because that chef's always been the man and suddenly, here's the bigger man. And then it gets really, really ugly and there's screaming and it's caustic, and it's acerbic, and then eventually, the chef-- the lesser chef's like, OK. I can yell and scream at you, but I did want you here, and I did ask for your advice. And then they relent and the fifth stage is then the restaurant gets good. It's like remodeling. I would call LeBrodeling with LeBron James.

These are the five stages of LeBron. Dwayne Wade, Kyrie Irving, and Isaiah Thomas. It's been the same for all three. LeBron arrives. Or you arrive to Lebron's team, and you, Dwayne Wade, Kyrie Irving, or Isaiah Thomas-- you struggle with it, because you're guards. In your whole life, you had the ball. You struggle like crazy.

The third stage is it gets ugly. You and LeBron have a public spat last night, you're fighting, there's video. Then eventually, Dwayne Wade, Kyrie Irving, or Isaiah Thomas-- the fourth stage, they relent. You are better. You're the king. And then the fifth stage is, they start winning.

And that's the stage that Gordon Ramsay-- boom, boom, boom, boom, boom-- what LeBron is. He's essentially-- instead of inheriting a chef, he inherits a point guard. Kyrie Irving, Dwayne Wade, Isaiah Thomas-- they were the best high school player, best AAU player, best college player-- come into the NBA. They're good players. They got egos, and they're damn good, but they're not LeBron good. They're not the best player for 12 years in the NBA. So when Tyronn Lue last night said this-- I want you to listen to Tyronn Lue last night.

TYRONN LUE (ON RECORDING): We got to be better. We know that, but until we play better defensively, you know, I think offensively, of sharing the basketball, I think everyone on the same page, you know. And if guys have agendas, we've got to get rid of our agendas and play the right way.

REPORTER (ON RECORDING): What do you mean by that?

TYRONN LUE (ON RECORDING): Just what I said.

REPORTER (ON RECORDING): Do you think they do?


- OK So he mentioned agenda. This is the third stage. Gordon Ramsay's third stage is the best part of the TV show. It's yelling, it's screaming, it's acerbic, it's nasty, it's ugly. They have to beep words. Last night, this is the third stage with LeBron.

Isaiah Thomas and him arrive, point guard struggles with his dominance, last night-- last couple nights-- it blows up, agenda, bias, you don't listen to me talk-- in the next four or five games, Isaiah Thomas will relent. I'm 5' 8", I'm off hip surgery, I'm a good player, not the best player in the league. And that will happen in the next five games.

And then once he relents and comes to terms with, OK, I'm not the big cat here. I'm great-- Dwayne Wade, Kyrie Irving, Isaiah Thomas-- I'm not LeBron. Once you relent, I'm telling you folks, I've seen this with Gordon Ramsay. It's his TV show. It's the five stages. And these are the five stages of LeBron.