Colin Cowherd isn’t wavering, he’s still picking the Cavaliers to win the East

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Colin Cowherd talks LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers after they lost to the Toronto Raptors on Thursday night.

- So I want to-- last night, LeBron's team got crushed. LeBron yelling at people and screaming at people. He was--


They got crushed. And you know my personal opinion on LeBron. Best player in the league for, like, 14 years. Whenever he struggles in the regular season, I'm always like, come on, man. He'll be fine. See you in the finals. Eastern Conference is horrible. Boston thinks they're close. They're not. You know how I always come out and say that, and you guys always say I'm a LeBron homer.

But you have to admit, even if you don't like me, I've been right seven years in a row. So seven years in a row, I've been like, no, he's going to get to the finals. It doesn't matter. He may not win the finals, but he gets into the finals. And for seven years, you've yelled and screamed at me, you're a LeBron homer, but I've won seven straight arguments.

This morning, I still believe that. But I'm going to take the opposite and let you hear how ridiculous it sounds if I do. So here we go. Let me take the opposite take. Have no context. Live in the moment. Be a prisoner. Panic and overreact to last night's ugly loss. Here we go.

Hey, man. LeBron is in major trouble. First of all, have you seen the East? You don't want to mess with DeMar DeRozan in the playoffs for Toronto. I mean, I know he can't hit three-pointers and it's a three-point league. That guy is money. And his teammates, Fred VanVleet and CJ Miles, hey, bet against those guys at your own peril.

Yeah, I know. I know. I know. LeBron's 8 and 2 against Toronto in the playoffs. They swept him last year. Whatevs. I like historically irrelevant clutch never Toronto over LeBron.

By the way, Milwaukee Bucks, no way LeBron's beat Milwaukee. No way. They have Matthew Dellavedova. He has all LeBron's secrets. Oh, by the way, they haven't won a playoff series since 2001, so they're totally due. I know they've got a losing record on the road, and I know they have a negative point differential. No way he's getting past Milwaukee.

And the Sixers, they're getting in, and they're beating LeBron, too. Because you know if they play the Sixers that Joel Embiid will be able to play at least two games in a seven game series. I know Ben Simmons can't shoot, but who cares about shooting? LeBron is in big trouble, first with clutch Toronto, then Dellavedova, giant killer in Milwaukee, and then occasionally capable of playing Joel Embiid. How ridiculous does that sound?

LeBron's biggest concern in April is his tax returns. LeBron is 36 and 5 against the East since he returned to Cleveland. What happened last night has zero impact on the playoffs, his relevance, or his legacy.

In fact, let's go a year ago from today. You do remember how easily they swept through the Eastern Conference playoffs. Crushed Boston, humiliated Boston in the finals. And Boston, by the way, has a whole new team now. And the one guy that could defend LeBron Jae Crowder is now playing with LeBron.

On this night last year, LeBron and the Cavs lost by 16 to mediocre Portland. Their next game, they lost by 33. They had a losing record in January. LeBron, this time last year, was losing for the sixth time in eight games.

So I could take two arguments this morning. Matt, you don't want to face John Wall in the playoffs. He and Bradley Beal-- I know. They've never won a second round playoff series. This is the year. Or I could say, meet me in the finals, and I'll be right for the eighth straight year.