Herd Hierarchy: Colin’s Top 8 NFL teams after 2017-2018 Divisional Week

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Colin Cowherd ranks his top 10 NFL teams after Divisional Week of this year’s NFL season.

- Let's do a herd hierarchy of the top eight teams right now remaining in the NFL playoffs. We'll go top to bottom to show you where I put Philadelphia. Let's go.


NARRATOR: Herd hierarchy.

MAN: The time is now. Let's go!

NARRATOR: The top 10 NFL teams according to Colin. Number one.

- OK, number one would be Minnesota, and I think there's a gap between Minnesota and everywhere else. They have a chance to play every game, including the Super Bowl at home. Number one in total defense, number one in scoring defense, and the better conference with the overall better quarterbacks, the NFC.

I think it's as good a defense as the Legion of Boom was years ago, but you knew their players. You knew Richard Sherman. You knew Pete Carroll's history. The Seahawks brand was bigger, OK? They're up by the Dakotas. They're in the same division with Green Bay and Aaron Rodgers.

This defense, safeties are great, corners are great, linebackers run well, pass rush. It's a great defense. I think Minnesota's the best team, and I think they're probably going to play all their games at home.

NARRATOR: Number two.

- Listen, I-- then it gets real close. New England's got the best quarterback and the best coach. They have tremendous running back depth. They're number one in total offense, and they-- they're rested now, and they're 17 and 3 at home in the postseason. I don't love their personnel, and I don't think they're going to win the Super Bowl. But I would say at home, Belichick, Brady, I'd probably narrowly go--

I do like their running backs a lot. I like their running backs. They can run. They can catch. They're good in crisis, good in the red zone. New England, two.

NARRATOR: Number three.

- Pittsburgh. And I'm not so sure Pittsburgh's three and Pittsburgh's not two. Listen, they can get after you. They're not a great defense, but they're number one in sacks. Between Big Ben, Le'Veon Bell, Antonio Brown, that offensive line, and JuJu Smith-Schuster, that offense has got Hall of Famers on it, and they played very-- unlike Brady, Ben played very good late.

NARRATOR: Number four.

- New Orleans is an emotional favorite for me, very key staff. Number one in the NFL yards per play. That's what the guys in Vegas look at, yards per play. So what I'm telling you, Minnesota, New England, Pittsburgh, New Orleans are the favorites to win the Super Bowl. The problem, of course, is New Orleans has to play Minnesota, so they could be out after this weekend.

NARRATOR: Number five.

- Atlanta's defense isn't going to get much credit, because you don't know their players. But you do know Julio Jones, and you do know Matt Ryan, and you know their running backs. Matt's playing very well. They are first in the NFL and third down conversions, meaning their defense comes on the field usually pretty rested. Atlanta, five.

NARRATOR: Number six.

- Jacksonville's defense is all-time stuff. Number one in rushing as well. This is an old school football team with major limitations at quarterback. I'd put them six.

NARRATOR: Number seven.

- I'll put Philadelphia at it only because they're at home, and it could be 29, 33 degrees against the dome team Atlanta. By the way, in the last 2 weeks in the regular season with Nick Foles, yards per game, 31st, third down conversion, 31st, first downs, last, points per game, tied for 27. Philadelphia's not a real good football team right now with an unproven playoff head coach.

NARRATOR: Number eight.

- Tennessee stinks. They're not a playoff team. They just stink. And if-- if frankly, Philadelphia would be number eight if Kansas City would have held a 21 to 3 halftime lead. I'd have Philadelphia as the eighth best team in the playoffs. Listen, in the salary cap era, even the great teams have about four star players, difference-makers. Jordan Hicks, gone. Jason Peters, gone. Carson Wentz, gone. How many playmakers can you lose? It's-- you know, it's hard.