Colin Cowherd’s deep dive into the first 34 games of Lonzo and LeBron’s rookie seasons

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Colin Cowherd talks Lonzo Ball and LeBron James. Find out why Colin isn't too worried about Ball's start to his rookie year with the Los Angeles Lakers.

w The current narrative is Lonzo Ball is borderline bust. I've been hearing this. I've been reading sources. And now that LaVar is a big mouth and saying stuff, and the Lakers are falling apart, I'm hearing this stuff, you should trade Lonzo Ball. I've read like four stories in the last two days. Michael Rapaport came on the show yesterday. He wants to move Lonzo Ball out of town already.

The next time someone brings up LaVar Ball, we should be like, "Why are you asking me about this bozo? Who is this guy? Don't ask me about that idiot." Well LaVar Ball says. Who cares what he says? When LaVar Ball goes low, Luke Walton and the Lakers should go lower.

OK. Let me tell you something. Right now, today, this moment today, January 11, 2018 Lonzo Ball is massively underrated according to what people think. By the way, this Laker team, he gets hurt goes 0 and 6. Chemistry implodes. They have to hold a team meeting and Kyle Kuzma, their star, erodes. He comes back. They're 2 in 1. Crisis averted.

Lonzo is top 10. Not among rookies. Not among rookie point guards. Lonzo is top 10 in the NBA among all guards in a guard driven league. Among point guards in the NBA. In my lifetime we've never had this many good point guards. We've never had this many good point guards. He's top 10 among all of them. Rookies, second year, third year, all of them, all stars, veterans. Rebounds, steals, assists, and blocks. Fact he leads the Lakers in rebounds and assists. His last 10 games, 14, 7 1/2, 7 1/2.

Take out the noise. Right now he's fifth all time in assists per game for the Lakers. And you think he's underrated? Let me give you something. I want to throw something up here. This is kind of interesting. It's 34 games. He's 20. He played one year of college in a weak conference, the Pac-12. Let's go. He's played 34 games. Let's go to LeBron James, the greatest player in the last 15 years. Let's go to his 34 games. He was one year younger. Rebounds, Lonzo averages more. Assists, Lonzo. Three point percentage, Lonzo. Blocks, Lonzo. Better plus minus, Lonzo. Record, Lonzo. Turnovers, win, Lonzo. LeBron had more. But LeBron averaged more points. LeBron should average more points. He's a scorer. Lonzo Ball's not a scorer.

If you would have told people we're letting LaVar's loud mouth and all the hype- Lonzo is also facing this. LeBron faced hype as a rookie. Lonzo's facing negativity. Hype is one thing, negativity's harder to face. His dad's making it potentially harder on him. We didn't really know Lebron's family much. So tonight, Lakers take on the Spurs. And they'll be very competitive. And they'll be competitive because Lonzo is playing. They weren't competitive against Charlotte at home when he wasn't.

This noise is getting in the way of the truth. Go to the data. Take out the emotion. Today, Lonzo is underrated when you compare him to what people think he is. He is a super long, vastly, quickly improving point guard, on a weak roster. He is their best rebounder as a point guard. He is their best passer. He is their crisis averter. He is their culture changer. This kid is really good and getting better. You're letting the noise get in the way of it.