Michael Rapaport: ‘When LaVar Ball goes low, Luke Walton and the Lakers need to go lower!’

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In his discussion with Colin Cowherd and Kristine Leahy on The Herd, an outraged Michael Rapaport suggests that Luke Walton, Magic Johnson and the Los Angeles Lakers' brass should take a far more aggressive stance with LaVar Ball to keep him from derailing Lonzo Ball and the Purple & Gold in the future.

- Luke Walton and all the coaches run to defend him, because loudmouth LaVar Ball says something in Lithuania. How about just the old axiom in life? You get a heckler at a show, just shut him down. Deal with it. You get hecklers.

- Luke Walton, the next time someone brings up LaVar Ball, should be like, why are you asking me about this bozo? Who is this guy? Don't ask me about that idiot. Oh, well LaVar Ball said-- who cares what he says? That's how he-- when LaVar Ball goes low, Luke Walton and the Lakers should go lower. OK. Because he's a bigmouth. He's rude, he's disrespectful, and the only way to treat somebody like that is to be just as rude, just as disrespectful. Shut it down.

I mean different comedians have different ways. But as far as I'm concerned, in this particular situation, and hecklers are different. But with this guy, who's sort of a bully, came here, tried to bully Christine, tries to bully everybody. He's the biggest, loudest guy there. You got to give it right back. So when the reporters say, Luke Walton, what do you think of--

I don't care what that guy has to say. And why are you asking me these questions? I thought you were supposed to be a credible reporter. I'm not answering anymore of your questions. And when the coaches are saying, we stand by Luke, I agree with them. This isn't "TMZ." This isn't "Extra," with my main man Mario Lopez. This is the NBA. Why are you asking? This supposed to be a credible place, and you'd like a credible story.

And let's say LaVar Ball got his information and it's real that the players don't want to play for Luke Walton. Where did he get that from, his son? So his son is giving private Laker information-- he's dry snitching, essentially.

- So you're, oh, so you basically think they should get rid of Lonzo.

- Oh, trade him.

- Oh my God.

- He's not some transcendent player. Trade him.

- Whoa, time out. With young players, look at their recent games.

- We say young. Do we say young about Donovan Mitchell, who's 21? Do we say young-- what's the great player in Phoenix, the young kid?

- Devin Booker?

- Do we say, oh, he's so young. He scored 63 points. We only make excuse for doing what he's not producing. Kristaps Porzingis is 22. Lonzo Ball is 20. Listen, there's no passes in the NBA. You chose to leave UCLA to come to the NBA. There's no passes. There's no more excuses. Kobe was 18, LeBron was 18. This dude's playing in the NBA. Why are we making excuses? We're not making excuses. He's 21. He scored 50 points a game. We'd be like, he's so great. He's 20. He's doing this. You don't get any excuses.

MICHAEL RAPAPORT: I mean all I'm saying is in the last 10 games he's averaging 13 and 1/2 points, 7 and 1/2 board, 7 and 1/2 assists.

- And it's the main story every single day. Donovan Mitchell averaged 19 points a game. Jayson Tatum is averaging 15 points a game. Markkanen on Chicago-- there's so many other things, and this whole LaVar Ball thing--

MICHAEL RAPAPORT: So you would move him out of town.

- Get the kid, the point guard from Orlando, Payton, the kid with the funny hair. Bring him out here. Ship him to Orlando. Ship him to Lithuania. All the Ball brothers could play together in that YMC pick up hodgepodge league they're playing in out there.

- By the way, that's what we used to say before he was drafted, that it might be the best thing for Lonzo to go be drafted to some team in the middle of nowhere, where his dad wouldn't become even a bigger--

- I say send him to Orlando so he and Mickey Mouse can stand hand in hand.

- But you know here's the thing. I blame the Lakers. When you get in a relationship-- we were talking about this yesterday-- a girlfriend or a wife, when you're dating, man/woman dating, whatever, from the woman's perspective of her man, you know going in, OK, I can tolerate this. She's got a temper, or he's a little bit of a flirt. We choose things we know, right?

If you date somebody for a while, it's not a shock. You don't wake up one day and go like oh she's a chain smoker with a temper. I never saw it coming. You knew exactly what you were getting with Lonzo. You knew LaVar was a loudmouth. You drafted him. You chose him because his last name was Ball. Lonzo. UCLA, passer, magic. You knew all of this in the dating process.

- Hey listen, and now they got to deal with it. And it's the NBA. It's a business. It' ain't personal. If they got to ship him out, they got to ship him out.

- You're saying divorce.

- Cut him. Get rid of him. Trade him.

- Wow!

- You can get some good-- He's so great, he's so transcendent, you should be able to get some good players for him.

- I like him.

- And by the way, they did not know what they were getting with Lonzo.

- They thought it would stop! This is unprecedented!

- They thought it might stop, and that's why I think they're even trying to help the situation by asking LaVar multiple times to stop talking about the coaching staff, and he keeps doing it.

- And not only is it disruptive to the organization, it's like you have Kyle Kuzma, a friend and teammate, it looks like they're friendly, having to defend the Lakers and sort of put down his friend and teammate's father. And he was really sort of polite and diplomatic about it. Six months from now, it's going to get less polite, get less diplomatic, and I'm just saying, listen, Lonzo Ball, He might be the worst starting point guard in the NBA.

MICHAEL RAPAPORT: (YELLING) Aw, come on! He's not either. Last 10 games he shot 39% on threes, 14 points, 7 board, 7 assists.

- The rebound thing to me--

- For the Knicks, that kid from France is averaging 5 points a game.

- But he's only 19! He's only 19! He's younger than Lonzo. The boy is 19! We should give him a pass, make excuses for him. He doesn't even start. Jarrett Jack starting, and Jarrett Jack is doing a great job mentoring him and bringing him along.

- Here's all these rookie point guards. Lonzo's got better numbers than all of them.

- Marco Fultz doesn't count.

MICHAEL RAPAPORT: He can't shoot. He's a bust, and nobody wants to admit it. They say it's his shoulder. He can't shoot.

- He's played two or three games. And he's only 20. Why is that only the excuse for Lonzo Ball?

- You're just being disagreeable.