Colin already knows who will be the scapegoat in New England if the Patriots come up short this year

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Colin Cowherd talks Patriots ahead of this weekend's playoff matchup. What will happen in New England if they end up not winning the Super Bowl this season?

- Let's start here. Always got to be a scapegoat, right, for failure because the stars never get fired. Spielberg has a bad movie, and they're not firing Spielberg. Got to find, who wrote that thing? Who produced that thing? Who did the music? That's the way it works in the NFL. It's scapegoat week-- actually scapegoat month in the NFL. Yeah, it started yesterday.

Who's the star of the Seahawks? Pete Carroll, Russell Wilson. Not a very good year. They fired Darrell Bevell, the offensive coordinator. Was it his fault he had no running backs to work with and the Eddie Lacy experiment was a disaster? Is it his fault they traded away Max Unger? The offensive line's never been good sense. Is it his fault that Jimmy Graham suddenly can't catch at tight end?

It's not Darrell Bevell's fault. But you don't fire the star. Got to keep appearances, optics good. It's not Pete Carroll's issue, Russell. Darrell Bevell, you are no good! I know you won a Super Bowl and stuff, but you're no good! Seattle running backs, one rushing touchdown all season. Worst offensive line in the league. It's that guy's fault. Course it is. Get him out of here. Get Darrell Bevell out of here. He's terrible.

Carolina, did you hear who got fired yesterday in Carolina? Cam Newton, seven years in the league. Still hot and cold. Oh, he was good this week, Colin. He was terrible in week 17. He was good against the Saints, Colin. He was terrible against Atlanta.

So they fire Mike Shula. They fire Ken Dorsey. Those guys are terrible! They're terrible! Yeah, I know they were the coordinators and coaches when he won an MVP, but those guys are terrible! You got to get-- you got to get Mike Shula. He doesn't know what he's doing. He's terrible!

Scapegoat week in the NFL. Darrell Bevell's terrible. Mike Shula's terrible. Get them out of here. These guys don't know what they're doing. How about the Green Bay Packers? No pro-bowlers on defense. Don't even resign their own free agents.

Let's get Dom Capers out of here. You know he's the problem, that Dom Capers guy. I know he was the coordinator when we won. But, you know, I know we've won 74% of our games. Dom Capers has been in the league 30 years. You know, I never thought he knew what he was doing. He doesn't know what he is doing. That guy's crazy, Dom Capers! The game has passed Dom Capers by.

Darrell Bevell, Mike Shula, Dom Capers. Scapegoat week. So let me ask you a question, when the Patriots lose-- and they are going to. This team is not good enough to win a Super Bowl. They're just not. They're just not good enough defensively. They have no pass rush. The receivers are hot and cold. Gronk could get hurt. They're not going to win the Super Bowl. Remember, I'm a Patriot homer.

Who's going to be scapegoat guy? I want you to think about it for a sec because generally with New England, we always talk about who gets credit. Is it Brady? Is it Belichick? With New England, we always talk about credit. But it's scapegoat month in the NFL. Who's going to get blamed when they don't win in the playoffs?

So let me set this up for you. You remember Deflategate, right? Brady, I didn't know anything. Belichick, I don't know what you guys are talking about. Nope, they blamed Jim McNally and John Jastremski. Both got fired. $9 an hour guys. Yeah, that John Jastremski guy, you can't trust him. That guy's a no-good nothing, doing stuff with the footballs.

Brady didn't know what was going on. Of course, Tommy didn't know anything. That Jastremski and McNally, those guys are a bunch of-- they're no good. Get them outta here. That's who took the heat. You don't fire the coach. You don't fire the stars in the NFL. You find a fall guy. That John Jastremski and Jim McNally.

Those guys are no-- Spygate! Belichick's like-- [STAMMERS]. Brady's like, I don't know. I don't even know how to work my DVR. Remember who got in trouble for Spygate? Matt Walsh lost his job. Yeah, he was a video assistant.

Hey, anybody seen Matty Walsh in years? No. He took a-- he took the long ride out of town, if you know what I'm saying. That Matty Walsh guy, you couldn't trust Matty Walsh. He was a no-good guy. I knew from the first time he stepped in the building, Matty Walsh was a no-good guy. That Matty Walsh guy is a bad guy.

It's scapegoat week in the NFL. Darrell Bevell, bum. Mike Shula, dope. Dom Capers doesn't know what he's doing. So when the Patriots lose, who's going to take the blame? And I'll tell you right now. Alex Guerrero, Brady's trainer. Tom would never throw him! Oh, he wouldn't? Oh, OK. Sure. You bet. Yeah.

The deflaters are out of work. $9 an hour. Just trying to pay their rent. Thrown under the bus. I don't know nothing. I'm TB12. What are you talking about? Ball? What ball? I barely even-- you know, he couldn't find a ball in the facility. Alex Guerrero, when they lose, is going to take the hit.

And you're going to hear things like, you know, this thing, this thing was a smooth-sailing luxury liner. Then, Alex Guerrero came in. It was nothing but trouble. I knew from the beginning, Alex Guerrero was the issue. I mean, he's pretty good with physical therapy and stuff. He divided the locker room. Alex Guerrero's the guy that the more we gave him, the more he took, and it blew the whole thing up.

Wes Welker. My husband can't throw and catch. The stars don't get fired, folks. This is scapegoat month in the NFL. The Patriots are not going to win the Super Bowl. They simply do not have a pass rush when they lost Dont'a Hightower.

They don't make other quarterbacks uncomfortable. Even though the AFC's never been this week, and I'm a Patriot homer, right? They're not winning the Super Bowl. They're not. May get to it. Not winning it. Guerrero, mark my words, will take the blame.