Alabama’s Tua Tagovailoa is a left-handed Russell Wilson, Colin Cowherd explains

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Reflecting on The Crimson Tide's OT National Championship victory over Kirby Smart's Georgia Bulldogs, Colin Cowherd reveals why Alabama's Tua Tagovailoa is a left-handed version on Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson.

COLIN COWHERD: That quarterback from Hawaii, the freshman, that is Russell Wilson. That is a left-handed Russell Wilson. I've told you the story before. I saw Russell Wilson play as a freshman at North Carolina State. I saw two series. And I text Kirk Herbstreit-- This was, you know, 12 years ago-- I said, "Who the hell is Russell Wilson? Who is this kid?" That's what Russell Wilson looked like when I saw him on my couch in West Hartford, Connecticut.

Smart, self-awareness, could make throws, great arm, tremendous accuracy, a little small. From his faith, to his football, to his arm, to his mobility, to hard to bring down, to hard to get a shot on him, that was what Russell Wilson looked like, to me, on a couch, years ago. This kid-- Alabama's winning next year's national title. This kid is a complete winner.

One of the great high school quarterback-- I saw his high school video, but you know, you can't-- He's a high school quarterback from Hawaii. What's the level of competition? You know, he was really, really talented. A little bit small. That's Russell Wilson. That's exactly what he looked like, his high school tape and his college tape. He's just a little small, runs a little too much. But nobody ever really gets a true shot at him. And he always rises in the moment.