Colin Cowherd shares the one statement that makes him want to stick a fork in his retina

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Colin Cowherd talks college football overtime after Alabama beat Georgia to win the CFP National Championship on Monday night.

- If something works, don't fight it. If something works, don't fight it. If I have to hear another person tell me how bad the college football overtime is, I'm going to stick a fork in my retina. The best 30 minutes of my life in the last week have been the 50 minutes overtime last night in a 15 minute to Oklahoma-Georgia. It works. Nobody's turning the TV off with that stuff. Yes, the college football overtime is so drastic, they eliminate punters and return guys. By the way, the Rams have the best punter in football. Couldn't win a playoff game. Chiefs have the best kick off returner. Couldn't win a playoff game. Nobody's winning playoff games, Super Bowls, and national titles because you got a good punter.

You're not changing the game. You're not asking guys to grab a pitching wedge, or a lacrosse stick, or a goalie mask, or a basketball, or a ping pong paddle. What you're doing is you're taking your best players, players that play positions that win Super Bowl-- quarterback, running back, left tackle, center, Mike linebacker, nose tackle, pass rusher, corner, safety. You're putting your most crucial players-- field goal kicker, coach-- in a small do or die area. And you're saying, you know, after four hours of beating the you know what out of each other, now we're going to put you in the red zone. It's situational football. And that's what decides Super Bowls. That's what decides national championships, not punters and return guys.

And by the way, if you play for 60 minutes a game time, and four hours a real time, and the box score's even, and the game is even, you've gotten a few calls, you've been butchered on a few calls, you made a few tackles, you missed a few tackles. I know you're even. Now, I'm going to give the cream rises to the top in situational football. Who rose to the top in situational football? The best quarterback on the field and the best coach on the field. The best punter, who cares? The best kickoff returner, who cares? Nobody's winning a natty on those qualities. Now, I'm not to say they can't win you a game. L.A. Rams have a great punter. Tyreek Hill for the Chiefs, good return guy. But you're winning with Ben, with Brady, with Manning, with Favre, with Elway. You're winning with great left tackles-- Ray Lewis at Mike linebacker. You're winning with better people up front.

College football and overtime simply edits out the stuff that really, over the course of a season, not winning or losing you championships. And by the way if you love punters so much, how come when I go to a stadium, nobody's wearing a punter jersey? You never see that. You never see anybody in a punter's jersey at the stadium, so don't whine when we eliminate it from the college football playoff.

Last night was amazing. Oklahoma-Georgia was amazing. All you're doing is what the movie studios do, what every television show you like does. You just edit out the parts that aren't as crucial. You shoot 42 hours of film. You edit it to 28 hours, nine hours, four hours, down to two hours and one minute. And even then, to the last day before you release it, you're still editing. All you're doing in the college football overtime is you're putting your best people in do or die areas, and the cream rises to the top.

Who was the best coach last night? Saban. He rose to the top. By the end of that game, who was the best athlete quarterback on the field? Bama. It rose to the top. It works. It's captivating. I've said this with soccer. If you play for 90 minutes, and you're tied at one, and then you do another overtime, and you're still tied, then you put goalie, two best strikers. We're doing penalty kicks. You edit out the stuff at midfield that's not deciding a game over 90 minutes. Because if you're tied after 90 and another overtime, I've got no problem with kicks.

These are 19-year-old kids. They beat out on each other for four hours. OK, now-- now, let's make situational football the most interesting. By the way, red zone football, the Red Zone channel. They didn't create a punting channel. They didn't create a special teams channel. They didn't create a between the 30 channel. They created a Red Zone channel. That's what you like. Football in crisis, where the best coaches, quarterbacks, left tackles, running backs, receivers, corners, safeties win. And the best last night won.

Stop whining about something that has been the best 30 minutes of our sports life in the last week. Oklahoma-Georgia OT, cream rose to the top. The scared coaches at Oklahoma lost. And Bama-Georgia overtime. The best coach and athlete on the field won the game. Cream rises. Over time elevates that.