Alabama is beating Georgia tonight – Jim Mora explains why

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Jim Mora joins Colin Cowherd to look ahead to tonight's title game between the Alabama Crimson Tide and Georgia Bulldogs.

- Georgia is going to go into this game with slightly less talent. Can they beat them?

- No. No. Alabama's got great players and they've got a great coach. A couple of years ago, Dick Vermeil came and he did a clinic at UCLA. And he says, hey Jimmy-- and I've known Dick since I was two so he calls me Jimmy-- Jimmy, you've got a really nice looking team there. And I said, thanks, coach. And then he went to Alabama the next week and he calls me and he says, hey Jimmy, I was just at Alabama. I say, yeah. He says, don't schedule those guys. And I said, what are you talking about. He says, it's just different down there.

- It is. Their size is immense.

- They're huge and they're powerful. And they really believe. And obviously-- everyone says, well, Coach Saban's never lost to somebody that worked for him. But I think he's 124-14 after his first year at Alabama. So he really hasn't lost to many people, period.

- Yeah. And I've always found the way to beat him is if you-- first of all, you're Clemson. You have legit personnel. You're Texas A&M-- you've got to have the personnel a little bit up front. But if you have a quarterback that can go a little off script, and Nick can't control it, you got a chance. The kid, Fromm, is terrific, but he's a freshman from a pocket.

- Yeah. And Georgia is going to need to run the ball to have a chance to set things up for him. And I think it's going to be really tough. And I have great respect for Georgia. I mean, you don't get to this point without being a great football team. So let's not discount the fact they're both great football teams. But Alabama-- they're special, they're different.

I used to say that there was no chance a team like Alabama could ever compete in the NFL. And now I'm not so sure that they might not be able to hold their own for a little while against-- let's say against that team that just had a party. Or a parade or whatever they had over there.