Colin sees truth in LaVar Ball’s comments about Luke Walton

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Colin Cowherd reacts to recent comments from LaVar Ball criticizing Los Angeles Lakers' head coach Luke Walton.

- This Laker team's had an issue for three weeks with chemistry. Go ask the people who cover the team who are honest. This is not a LaVar Ball situation.

This is a Luke Walton may not make it through this thing. This team's getting blown out at home against bad teams. And Magic's been concerned for three weeks. The LaVar thing is-- it's a story.

By the way, how many times has Tom Brady's dad talked and been quoted. Six times in the last five years? If the dad of a star player or a noteworthy player talks, Archie Manning talks about Eli or Payton, we quote him. Tom Brady's dad, I think, is an insurance salesman. He talks about Tom, we make it a story. It's not a reporter's job to make sure everything is copacetic with the coaches they talk about.

And again, just because LaVar's a loud mouth and a goofball-- and I think what he's doing with his kids in Lithuania's wrong, pulling him out of a great school, UCLA-- doesn't mean everything he says is inaccurate. I remember when Jose Canseco came out talking about steroids, and because nobody liked Jose Canseco, everybody dismissed his thoughts. He was about 95% accurate. I mean, the reason baseball had to go out and open up the steroid talk was because of Jose Canseco.

So I can tell you, I've got it sourced, the Lakers' chemistry's been a problem for three weeks. There's a lot of animosity. Julius Randle's unhappy. Jordan Clarkson's jealous. Kuzma's getting too much press, the Lonzo factor, there's a lot of issues here. But this is not-- this is not a reporter's job to protect coaches.