Colin reacts to Cam’s performance and lack of playmakers in Panthers’ loss

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Colin Cowherd analyzes Cam Newton’s play against the New Orleans Saints and how dropped passes weren't the only reason for the Panthers’ 36-21 loss.

- This is what I always hear with Cam Newton. He's got no good receivers. Which, by the way, Robert Woods was no good either until he went and played with Sean McVay. Then he was a star. Systems and quarterbacks make receivers.

But I heard this yesterday-- because Cam made a really good throw to a receiver being dropped in the end zone and it was a really nice pass and it was dropped. And people say-- it was a hell of a pass. And Cam yesterday, in terms of accuracy, was pretty good by Cam's standards. He wasn't Brees good, but it was a great pass. No question it was dropped, no excuses.

But it's this idea that Cam is the only quarterback that has this problem. So I told my staff this morning, just go to one game this weekend-- Kansas City-Tennessee-- just one game-- and watch the tape, please.

- Alex Smith throwing deep on the first play for Hill. And he dropped it.

- Alex Smith, you got a three man rush. He throws a strike to Tyreek Hill, who just dropped his second pass in as many possessions.

Mariota stayed on his feet in a traffic and it's incomplete. Another dropped ball. And this one by Eric Decker.

Within 5 points now. And there's a drop. LeBeau rushed for and the pass dropped.

- Yeah, Cam's the only quarterback that faces drops. I'm watching Kansas City-Tennessee. Those are the five we strung together this morning. There were seven total dropped passes.

By the way, do you know who leads the NFL in dropped passes? It's not Cam Newton's team. It's Atlanta. Atlanta. Matt Ryan's passer rating has been over 100 in his last five playoff games. His team leads the NFL in drops. Cam doesn't even have the most drops in his own division. Certainly not in the NFC. In fact, Carolina's 23rd in drops. Stop

Giving me these excuses for Cam. His receivers are no good. You know what's funny? In seven years with Cam Newton, they've never had a team lead the NFL in drops. In fact, in the seven years with Cam Newton, Carolina's sixth fewest drops.

Ted Ginn played with Cam Newton. Do you Remember. What speedy Ted Ginn did with Cam Newton? You kept saying that Ted Ginn was no good. He had a 45% catch rate. Ted Ginn now plays for the Saints and Drew Brees. He has a 75% catch percentage.

Quarterbacks make the receivers. Ted Ginn has played for both. Spectacular yesterday when they called on him. Caught the ball yesterday. That's because Drew Brees, from 50 yards out, hands the ball to you, as they say.

Third time this year, Brees 3 and 0 against Cam. And all I hear is excuses. Receivers can't be good. Dropped passes. A, dropped passes, everybody deals with. I just showed you. And secondly, to be a great quarterback, it's what you do with your lack of blank, with your lack of time of possession, with your lack of a running game, with your lack of a great offensive line.

Russell Wilson won a Super Bowl with no star tight end receiver and a below average offensive line. Russell Wilson won a Super Bowl. Andrew Luck went 11-5, 11-5, 11-5 and was surrounded by most people now that are fired. Zero Pro Bowlers. Stop making excuses. You want to be elite in any business in life, then you have to be able to perform when everything isn't perfect. That's what makes great.

Good people can perform when everything's perfect. The news anchor who's great, the prompter goes down. That's the great news anchor and you don't know as a viewer.

Yesterday, the prompter went down for Drew Brees. No running game. But his receivers-- you think Michael Thomas would have 200 catches in two years if Blake Bortles was his quarterback? Drew Brees is the story of there, not the talented kid on the outside.