Colin on the Cincinnati Bengals re-signing coach Marvin Lewis

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Colin Cowherd and Kristine Leahy discuss Cincinnati Bengals NFL football head coach Marvin Lewis, who recently re-signed a two-year deal through 2019 season.

- Cincinnati got a lot of heat for re-signing Marvin Lewis, and I would have re-signed Marvin Lewis. If you've lived a life of chaos, stability is a wonderful thing.

When Doc Rivers got to the Clippers and Marvin Lewis got to the Bengals, they were chaotic tire fires. And you may not think they're the best coach, but they've created stability. And I mean, the Clippers have had Blake Griffin and Chris Paul. They've had dramatic players.

Listen, the Bengals have had like 6-10 win seasons with Andy Dalton. And before Marvin got there, that was a mess. So I mean, you know, everybody wants a new head coach. Well, I got news for you. Do you know how many coaches the SEC has gone through since Saban got there? 70. 70% of the coaches you hire in pro sports, you fire.

Marvin Lewis is more than competent. I know if Cincinnati has Marvin Lewis, here's what I know, they're in games. They're not embarrassing themselves. And if you can find me a great coach, OK, but great coaches, how many are out there?

By the way, Josh McDaniels is going to have seven offers. He's not going to choose Andy Dalton. He's going to choose Andrew Luck. So I mean, again, if Josh McDaniels was available, then I'd make the move.