Colin can’t believe Westbrook won’t recruit to keep Paul George

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Colin Cowherd and Kristine Leahy discuss Russell Westbrook’s comments last night on not recruiting, after Paul George’s parents were sitting courtside at the Thunder-Lakers game in Los Angeles.

- You talk about tunnel vision. You've already lost James Harden. You've already lost Kevin Durant. You don't have the self-awareness, which has always been my critique of Westbrook, to recruit. It's not cool, hey man, I'm too cool to recruit. You do get the best recruiter in NBA history, is Pat Riley. The best recruiter on college basketball is John Calipari. The best recruiter in college football is Nick Saban. You do realize if there's a woman that you want to marry, she's beautiful and smart, she has options you better show her the love bro.

You got to be kidding me. This is Derrick Rose and Russell Westbrook. Remember Derrick Rose, I'm not going to call LeBron. What did LeBron say, I am, I'm going to call Chris Bosh, Shane Battier Ray Allen, Dwayne Wade. But you're too cool. So now figure this out now with Paul George. Paul George is going to be recruited between Magic Johnson-- the most charismatic player in league history in LA-- and Russell Westbrook, No man, I'm not recruiting him in Oklahoma City. Who do you think is going to get Paul George. The Lakers started their recruiting last night. They put the family front row. Validate your parking. More to drink. More to eat. Can we give you gifts? I bet you they got swag bags when they left. Of course, you do that.

I talked to Mark Richt, the coach of the Miami Hurricanes one time, I said, what's recruiting about, he said, it's about love. John Calipari told me the same thing. You've got to show these players man. It's not just about NBA. I got your back. I got your brothers back. I got your mom's back. I got your dad's back. I'm going to change your life. I'm into you. I'm going to make your life better. Sorry, you're too cool to do that. You're too cool to recruit Derrick Rose, and Russell Westbrook. LeBron's done it. Pat Riley has done it. The Warriors, six months before they took Kevin Durant from Russell Westbrook, they did it. And you know why they did it? Because people who are great-- and great is very rare-- have options.

That beautiful woman you're falling in love with, she's got options, bro. The cool thing ain't going to work. You got to show her the love. And that tailback in Texas. And that Paul George in Oklahoma City. Dude, there are people lining up for him. LeBron's going to get on the phone, but man, I'm too cool here in Oklahoma City. I'm sure he'll want to stay for me and the Applebee's down the street. You got to be kidding me. I tell you all the time, folks the legends in this league are legends not just because of talent. They're legends because of self awareness.

Magic Johnson is one of the smartest players in league history. LeBron's one of the smartest players in league history. Steph Curry is like, I'll take fewer shots, hell yeah I want to play with Kevin Durant. Oh, I saw this morning, and this morning, I found this, this interesting story about James Harden. Have you seen the story about James Harden? He said, yeah, I knew Chris Paul wasn't happy with the Clippers. I knew it in the summertime. And I knew he was a free agent. And I wanted to see where his head was. He didn't seem happy. So we just took it from there and started recruiting him. Hey man, but congrats on being cool, but she's got choices. Congrats on being cool, with a high school quarterback, but he's got 13 colleges after him.

How do you think great bands are formed, great movies are formed, great companies are formed, great dynasties are formed? With love. With, knock, knock, knock. Ring, ring, ring. Dude, we need you. We need you. We're good. We want to be great. That's what bands do. That's what movie directors do. That's what agents do. That's what Magic does. That's what Saban does. That's what Calipari does. That's what LeBron's been doing.

You're in Oklahoma City. You're already at a major disadvantage. LA and Magic, or too cool for school Russell and Applebee's. You're just giving Paul George the Lakers. You're going down without a fight. And to do this, when you've already lost KD. It's one thing if you're just naive. Russell Westbrook's not naive, he's been in this league now for how long. He's already had two guys, two superstars, pulled from him. He doesn't have the self aware-- like if you've lost the girl of your dreams twice, by the third time, if you don't understand the urgency to make the sales pitch, then it's on you. You've got to be kidding me. No, I'm not going to do a sales pitch. Yeah, it's all about titles. Then you're dumb. Sorry, but you're not smart enough.