Colin thinks this year’s NFL MVP choice is obvious

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In a discussion with Kristine Leahy, Colin Cowherd explains how New England Patriots' QB, Tom Brady is the obvious NFL MVP over Los Angeles Rams' running back, Todd Gurley.

- So the MVP race, when Carson Wentz got hurt we just eliminated him from the MVP race. Not sure why we do that with quarterbacks, because I mean they-- his numbers are still great. But the MVP race, people believe it's come down to two people, Tom Brady and Todd Gurley. Brady is a quarterback, Todd Gurley's a running back. And they're both unbelievable.

But it is interesting. Don't confuse talent with valuable. Tom Brady is of course the MVP. Colin, you are a Brady homer. No, I'm pragmatic and realistic. The last 10 years in the NFL, the leading rusher has one playoff win. See what the leading passer has. Here's the rushing leaders in the last decade in the NFL. DeMarco Murray, Cowboys, one playoff win. The Vikings are a better franchise. Since the best running back in 20 years, Adrian Peterson, left the franchise.

When the NFL went to no huddles on offense, 65 to 70 plays a game. The quarterback now touches the ball 70 times a game. The quarterback, more than ever, dictates when the running back will touch the ball. People say the MVP has to be Todd Gurley. He's not even the MVP of the LA Rams. Sean McVay, the coach, is the most valuable person.

I saw Todd Gurley and Jared Goff last year without Sean McVay. Did you see it? No, you didn't. Because nobody could possibly watch that garbage. If you take away Todd Gurley and Goff, with Sean McVay you're going to move the football. You take away Sean McVay, we saw that last year. Don't argue yourself out of the obvious.

Tom Brady runs with new pieces every year, the reigning dynasty in this league. Well Colin, why don't we call it the quarterback award? That's fine with me. I have no problem with it. I have no problem just making this a quarterback award. Look at Green Bay without Aaron Rodgers. They haven't had a running game in years. They lost Aaron Rodgers, they were the Browns.

Indianapolis has never had a running game with Andrew Luck. Andrew Luck didn't play this season, they're garbage. San Francisco has a really good running back. They couldn't win games. Jimmy Garoppolo became a Niner. They're now the hottest team outside of New England in the league.

Philadelphia's got good running backs, they lost Carson Wentz. Do you realize the last two weeks the Philadelphia Eagles, fewest first downs in the NFL? The 10th most valuable-- the 10th most valuable quarterback in the NFL is more valuable than Todd Gurley.

The Minnesota Vikings are better without Adrian Peterson. Green Bay last year went to the NFC championship. I think their running back wore number 88. They didn't really have one. The quarterback is the lead singer of the band. I know Tommy Lee is cool as the drummer, you can find another drummer. Good luck finding another lead singer.

I love Todd Gurley. I'd argue he's not the most valuable person on the LA Rams. Of course Tom Brady's the MVP.