Colin Cowherd explains how the CFB playoff committee got it right by putting Alabama in and UCF out

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Reflecting on the Rose Bowl and Sugar Bowl finishes, Colin Cowherd unveils how the CFB playoff committee got it right, noting that Nick Saban's Crimson Tide always should've been in despite the doubters because they were the best team all along and Scott Frost's undefeated season with UCF did not warrant his team getting in.

COLIN COWHERD: I was the one that advocated, get Alabama in. OK? People think I'm anti-Alabama. I'm the one that argued. Don't worry about being right. In life, get it right. Alabama is the best team. Let's get it right. Let's just get it right. Don't worry about being right.

Well, the conference, you have to win this and you have to win that. Don't put up qualifiers. Let's get it right. Alabama is the best team. Get them in there. I thought Alabama would beat Clemson. Now I did think they had a chance to lose to Oklahoma, but they're not going to lose to Georgia.

But everybody's paralyzed by, well, I have this argument and I want to be right my argument. Get it right. Who's the best team in college football? Alabama. Then how stupid would it be not have Alabama in the tournament. Well they didn't earn. They lost one game in the regular season, a nail biter to Auburn in Auburn, the same Auburn team beat Georgia there at home by 30.

OK? Let's get it right I don't give a rip if you win your conference, but I'll tell you what I don't want to see. I don't want to see this. Well, this happens every year. This happens every year where you get a school like you know, Central Florida this year goes 12 and 0. Mah. This is bull, man. You got to include them in the playoff.

This is the classic TV mistake. Put 19 people on the draft. But 32 people on election coverage. Four teams deserve to be in it. They were all there. Wisconsin had one big game. Ohio State lost. Out. And I love Wisconsin.

Ohio State lost by 30 to Iowa. Out. USC, out. Penn State, out. Your four best teams, here they are, here they are. This whole thing about Central Florida is dumb. OK, so your argument is, Central Florida went undefeated. It shouldn't matter that they didn't play in a big conference.

OK so they played in the American Athletic Conference and they went undefeated. So, OK. Have you seen their schedule? OK. Ask me, what did Auburn want to play for last night? So they beat Auburn by a touchdown. Suddenly, they're great. That was Auburn seventh biggest game of the year. That was the Super Bowl for UCF.

But beyond that, if you're willing to let them in, let me ask you, when Lane Kiffin goes undefeated next year at Florida Atlantic in the Conference USA, are you going to let him in? Well, that's Conference USA. Oh, time out. Conference doesn't matter now, does it? That's your argument, not mine.

Your argument is conference doesn't matter. Really? Lane Kiffin goes undefeated next year and he will in Conference USA. Think he should go in with Georgia, Bama, Oklahoma, Ohio State next year? Oh, so conference does matter. Of course it does.

UCF regularly plays teams with 13,000 people in the stadium that don't have an NFL player on the roster. Because they can get all ramped up for one game against three loss Auburn. And it's their Super Bowl and they beat them by a touchdown, I'm supposed to go, oh, they should be playing, Stop it. Don't tell me about expanding these plans.

You tell me a time in my lifetime where you thought the seventh best, eighth best, ninth best team in college football was getting hosed and deserved to be number one. Who was like the ninth best team in college football this year? USC. My team, right? They didn't deserve to be in. The didn't deserve to be in.

They got crushed by, crushed by Notre Dame. They can't get crushed by Notre Dame. I didn't mind a close Friday night loss to Washington State. But I watched every snap of USC this year. They're not one of the final four teams in the country. They are about the seventh, eighth best team.

They're not as good as Ohio State. I thought they would have last to Nebraska, excuse me, Wisconsin head to head. Penn State is a coin flip. So, and not be a jerk. But this idea that we've got to include all these people. Let's bring in more people on the set, more people for election coverage, and more people for draft coverage, and more people in the tournament.

Oh good god. We already invite 68 teams to the NCAA Tournament, and even then, somebody's kvetching about Panera Bread Tech that didn't get in. Every year Jay Bilas gets furious. I cannot believe that Ranch Dressing University is not allowed in.

How can you not lead in Gatorade State? They won conference Mountain West Tech Beef Bowl Divisible by Four. How are they not in March Madness? More is not the answer. Distill, shrink, make elite, have a velvet rope.

Great is rare. Let's not pretend we need nine teams in a playoff. Nine teams haven't earned their way into this playoff. And stop putting up obstacles that Alabama shouldn't be in because they didn't win. Do you want to be right in life or do you want to get it right?

Get it right. Put Bama in. Vegas told you, they'd be a favorite over everybody they played. And you're going to leave that team out because you want to be right in an argument?