Joel Klatt on the Rose Bowl’s wild finish: ‘If I was an Oklahoma fan, I’d be sick’

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Joel Klatt joins Colin Cowherd and Kristine Leahy on The Herd to explain who's to blame for the Oklahoma Sooners' loss to the Georgia Bulldogs in the Rose Bowl: Heisman Trophy Winner Baker Mayfield or head coach Lincoln Riley.

- If I was an Oklahoma fan--

- I'd be angry.

- --I would be sick. And Lincoln Riley, I mean, bless his heart. Can you imagine how sick he is? Because he's got to internalize all this. He's got to watch that film. He's got to--

And we didn't even bring up the play that you mentioned, second overtime, first down after the pass-- and or excuse me, the off-side, and he runs the same speed option in the short side of the field, this time Kyler Murray as the pitch man. It was shocking.

I do have a theory. And I hope you appreciate this. I have a theory that you can be mentored and go to school and do all the things that you can possibly do after you're kind of like past your adolescent years. And you can do all those things, and that's all well and good, right? And you can better yourself, there's no question. But you are always who you were raised to be.

- Yes. Yes. That's why I say you can't create tough.

- You can't.

- You're a tough kid or you're not.

- That's right. And I felt like, in the fourth quarter, in the second half, we saw a coach that was raised by Mike Leach and not Bob Stoops. I saw Bob Stoops as a mentor, but Mike Leach was his football parent.

- Lincoln Riley.

- Lincoln Riley's footballs parent went finesse. It went, I-- I don't think we're good enough, so I'm going to run trick plays every time I get a chance. I never saw the foundational Oklahoma offense that we saw in the first half. I did not see it in the second half. I didn't see tempo. I didn't see Rodney Anderson.

I saw reverses, double passes, sniffer back reverses, speed option onto the short side. It was not even close to the same offense. Think of how-- how methodical they were at the end. It was almost like Lincoln Riley kept unfolding that piece of paper and folding it back and forth. And it was like, hey, there's not new play calls that are going to appear on that sheet. They are what they are.

And they-- Oklahoma lost that game without being Oklahoma. And I think that's what's going to really burn them.