Colin Cowherd reveals how the Green Bay Packers have underachieved with Aaron Rodgers

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Colin Cowherd reveals how the Green Bay Packers have underachieved with Aaron Rodgers.

- For a couple of years, I've been banging on the Green Bay Packers. I get nothing but push back from Green Bay. When I say, you're a bar stool missing a leg, you are underachieving with Aaron Rodgers. You don't sign free agents. You're very reluctant. You don't even resign your own, forget going out and getting guys. And it's hurting-- it's hurting Green Bay.

Now Aaron Rodgers, who tends to be kind of aloof, a little arrogant, like R-E-L-A-X-- dude, why don't you A-D-M-I-T, admit we were right because yesterday, Ted Thompson, the GM, [BUZZER SOUND] moved him down the hallway to the room without the oak table. He's no longer the GM. Why? Because the Packers are admitting what we've been barking about for two years.

We're the Patriots. We win big, R-E-L-A-X. Then why just get rid of the respected Ted Thompson? You're acknowledging we've been right for two years.

Listen, you're not in New England. What travels well in the NFL? Defense and running games. Passing games don't always travel well. Can't hear on the road audible, warm weather team, cold weather Windy City. Passing games don't travel well. Defense travels well. Running games travel well.

Let's look at Green Bay's road record the last four years and New England's. Oh really? Green Bay's a 500 team on the road the last four years. That's with Aaron Rodgers. New England's 25 and 7. That's because New England fortifies Brady with a defense generally-- not this year-- and a running game.

You're not in New England. The reason New England can go on the road and duplicate what they do at home is because defense and running games travel well. And to be good on defense and have a good running game, you have to spend money to get good defensive players, pass rushers, corners, safeties, linebackers, and running backs. New England does and you don't.

So R-E-L-A-X is R-E-S-E-T, reset or A-D-M-I-T, admit that you have been running an archaic-- you're collecting stamps, everybody else is investing in tech. OK, this whole thing about, we develop our own, we don't do free agents, it's a bunch of-- it's the 1980s. In here, it's an archaic system.

I will say this, that in the last couple weeks, Davante Adams resigned him, Cory Lindsley good old lineman, resigned him. So what we've been barking about for years and getting all this pushback Packer fans-- you don't understand us, you don't get our system, we develop our own-- they got rid of Ted Thompson, and they've resigned Corey Lindsley and Davante Adams, both offensive players to finally help Mr. R-E-L-A-X.

It's not about relaxing. There is a reason the Green Bay Packers have the most talented quarterback in the league for a decade and have had one Super Bowl run. How is that possible? It's possible because you had an archaic system, you didn't realize how great Rodgers is, and you've underachieved with him. You're off 500 road team because you haven't bolstered the defense, and you haven't developed a running game in years. Good move by the Packers. And I love the two free agent Packer signees.