LeBron James is built to last while Joel Embiid can’t even play in back-to-back games, Colin explains

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Reflecting on the recent report that Houston Rockets guard James Harden will miss multiple weeks, Colin Cowherd explains to Kristine Leahy that LeBron James could be the NBA MVP every season because he's built to last unlike Philadelphia 76ers forward Joel Embiid who has NEVER played in back-to-back games.

- James Harden now is going to be out two to three weeks. Everybody's got James Harden as the MVP. Just let me give you a number of guys-- I'm going to name some names that have dealt with injuries that are hurt a lot. John Wall, Kevin Durant, Steph Curry, Blake Griffin, CP3, Kyrie, Westbrook, Paul George, Anthony Davis, Joel Embiid, Kawhi Leonard, hurt all the time. Out weeks, months. LeBron gets crap for skipping an occasional Saturday night.

The NBA cracks me up. In baseball, if you're an iron man-- Cal Ripken-- you are celebrated. In the NFL, Brett Favre never missed a start. You are celebrated. In the NBA, you can miss weeks, be undependable, be physically unable to play for a month of games, all right. Still win awards. You do get LeBron never misses stretches unless he's just resting for the playoffs. And those games obviously don't matter or he wouldn't rest.

James Harden here, before the all-star break, is going to be out for probably three weeks. Won't matter, he'll win the MVP. By the way, doesn't do anything on the defensive side. Durability matters. Can you imagine being an actor-- I cannot work back to back days. A dentist, he's not in today, he works Mondays and Thursdays.

Think about this. The NBA fanboys love Joel Embiid. I mean, nobody gets talked about more in this league than Joel Embiid. He's never played back to back nights. He has minute restrictions. Think about this. Did Hakeem have minute restrictions? Wilt, Shaq, Kobe, MJ? Joel Embiid is great on Twitter. Of course he is. He has all day. He never plays back-to-back. LeBron's the MVP. Joel Embiid is the DNP, did not play nine times this year.

The NBA is like-- NBA reporters, they're like, oh, Joel Embiid's the talk of the league. He can't play back-to-backs. Stop it. He's not a legitimate star in this league. He played 49 minutes against Oklahoma City this year, he had to miss the next three games. You're not an all-time actor if you show up every other day. You're not a world-class accountant if I can't get you for a week straight in April. You can't have nine did-not-plays. We're not even close to the all-star break!