Why the Browns should keep Hue Jackson as head coach

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Colin Cowherd explains to Holly Sonders why he thinks the Cleveland Browns should keep Hue Jackson as head coach for another season.

- I, like Peter King, think Hue Jackson should be retained. Because I think if you fire Hue Jackson, who's an offensive mind, good luck finding another guy who's an offensive mind. But Cleveland fans are warped and bitter, and their answer to everything is just fire everybody again. And that's why you're the biggest joke in the league. Because it's a carousel, and no quality people want to go work in Cleveland because you fire them.

If you gave Hue Jackson a third year, let's be honest, you're not winning the Super Bowl anyway. So get over yourselves. Cleveland, you're not gonna win any big games next year anyway. So at least rebrand yourself. At least elevate the imagery around the league that you don't just fire everybody.

This is what Brown guy, Cleveland guy, Ohio guy doesn't get. His answer is always fire everybody. But you've been doing that for 20 years, and it doesn't work. So you're not gonna win the Super Bowl next year. You're not gonna win your division next year.

So what you can do is show the NFL community-- coaches, scouts, GMs-- hey, man, we give people an extra year. Ohio sports fan, outside of Ohio State, Ohio football fan, they just don't get it. Their answer to everything is fire. No, you do the opposite.

The smart people get it. You keep Hue Jackson because you're not gonna win big next year anyway. And what you do is send a message to the entire NFL coaching fraternity, the entire scouting community, the executive community is that-- you don't have to move your family here.

Don't be a dope, OK? Men coach football in America. Men have wives and kids. What they don't want to do is move to your town, put their little daughters in private prep school, and a year later have to yank them out. That's what this game's all about.

That's what this game-- this is why the Pittsburgh Steelers never fire coaches. Because everybody knows. New York Giants give everybody-- Ben McAdoo is an exception. They generally give-- Jerry Jones, for all his craziness, gives coaches an extra year because he knows the league is run by married men with daughters and sons.

And they don't want to move their families cross-- like for me, why did I come to Fox? I went from one formidable company to another. Why?

Because they had a track record of-- How long's Aikman worked here? How long has Buck worked here? How long has Bradshaw worked here? How long's Howie Long work here?

I knew I wasn't gonna be here for nine months. I looked at the history of their employee base, and if guys have talent they stay here forever. Cleveland? What talented executive wants to go to Cleveland? Yuck.

I'm not gonna move my wife-- it's nothing against the city. I'm not gonna move my wife and my kids to Cleveland knowing you gave Hue Jackson two years with DeShone Kizer and Cody Kessler. Figure it out. You're a laughing stock because you keep firing people. Show some stability, and you'll be able to get better people.