Colin compares Jon Gruden coaching in Oakland to flex tape and why it works

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Colin Cowherd explains why Jon Gruden coaching the Oakland Raiders is a good fit.

COLIN COWHERD: 99% of Jon Gruden rumors are junk and garbage and the Shake Weight. But this Jon Gruden rumor's real. And I'll tell you why it's real. It's real for a couple of reasons.

Number one is this team has one more year in Oakland. They are a complete lame duck. They're tarping off the upper deck. They got to sell tickets. That's why they brought Marshawn Lynch in, because they wanted Marshawn Lynch to be part of the brand. We're Oakland tough. Jon Gruden is a splashy hire for a lame duck franchise that absolutely needs to sell tickets and to put its arm around its rebel base. And Jon Gruden is a rebel.

Second thing is, Gruden likes money. He's the highest paid ESPN employee. And ESPN-- I don't have a problem saying this-- is slashing salaries. That's why long-time guys like Herm Edwards are leaving and going coaching. They don't like Gruden's salary. It's a ton. Monday Night Football is shrinking its profile. It's not very profitable. Gruden knows it. He's a smart guy. He likes money. He sees the writing on the wall.

Here's the third reason. Gruden is all about quarterbacks. OK. Jon Gruden knows quarterbacks, likes quarterbacks. And he really likes Derek Carr. And he really likes the Raiders' offensive pieces. And he's been the guy. Jon Gruden has been the guy.

Just think about it. Oakland needs him for splash. Gruden likes money, and Vegas is going to be no state tax, like the Florida he lives in. ESPN slashing salaries, and Oakland's going to pay him a fortune. And he likes quarterbacks and they've got one in Derek Carr. Reportedly he's going to bring Rich Gannon along to be the quarterback coach.

This rumor is flex tape. It is the one, one infomercial I actually watch and think yeah, I'd buy that stuff. That flex tape works.