Colin Cowherd explains why the Patriots’ system is the model of consistency

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Colin Cowherd explains how the New England Patriots are run like a business and are consistent every season.

COLIN COWHERD: New England-- and I lived in Connecticut for 11 years. I did not grow up a Patriots fan. I became a Patriots fan because I'm a fan of business. And they were run like a business.

When you watch a Patriots game, there is a trust between the fans and the team. They'll get it right. Oh, there's a stinker every year, maybe in Miami or Buffalo. In September, they're not quite well oiled. And so you watch the Patriots in September, or maybe that game in Miami every couple of years, or in Buffalo, and you're like, whew.

And then they immediately fix it. Because that's what the academics do in life. They evolve and adapt, and they have rules and regulations. And here's what New England does that makes them different from everybody else in the NFL, having watched every snap for 11 years. They seemingly never fumble. Everybody else in the league does, a lot.

They have very few penalties. Everybody else in the league has a lot. They rarely have negative plays. It's never third and 28. They don't have clock management issues, like seemingly everybody else. And in the real big moments, you always trust emotionally, they're manipulating the other team. That's what academic football does.

Seattle is a different culture. I'll get to that in a second. But what New England is, somebody told me years ago. They said Colin, as great as all these athletes and singers and artists are, they're not billionaires. Wealth isn't interesting and captivating and entertaining.

Wealth is boring. Wealth is creating a reliable, consistent, dependable product, putting it on a conveyor belt, and while you vacation on your private jet in Hawaii, they sell it over and over. That is what wealth is. Wealth is boring. Derek Jeter is not a billionaire. Kobe Bryant's not a billionaire.

You know who billionaires are? Accountants. NFL guys are boring. And the Patriots are the billionaires of the NFL. They have created a system that is reliable, consistent, without emotion. They're capable of avoiding cultural issues, rule changes and injuries, they're not beholden to any one employee. And what they did yesterday is what they've been doing for years. A systematic, consistent, dependable product.

They don't lead the NFL in penalties, they don't fumble, they don't get emotionally crazy. They adapt constantly. And they drive you crazy. And I never grew up as a Patriot fan. But the Patriots aren't a football operation. They are a business operation.

And they are easily-- look at their Super Bowls. They're a David Tyree helmet catch from 6 and 1. They don't blow anybody out. They never have. I'd argue in all seven Super Bowls they've been in, they're the least talented team. But they're always the smartest, most reliable, most consistent, most prepared.

This year in the NFL-- number one in first downs. Second fewest fumbles lost, second fewest giveaways, number one in offense, with only two stars-- Brady and Gronk. They're not a football team. They're a business operation. They're boring. So is wealth.