Doug Gottlieb isn’t buying into the Houston Rockets long term

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Doug Gottlieb reveals how the Boston Celtics exposed the Houston Rockets' fundamental weaknesses.

- If you need clues to how this thing is going to end, Chris Paul was hurt. He always seems to be hurt. Mike D'Antoni in the playoffs, they always seem to lose before their record seems they should lose. James Harden, who gets all the calls in the regular season-- no one gets a friendlier whistle driving to the basket in the NBA than James Harden. And yet in the NBA, in the playoffs, it's more evenly officiated, and he doesn't benefit nearly as greatly from it.

Style of play and the fact that James Harden doesn't pay a ton of attention to defense through most of the 82 games-- you can't just all of a sudden in the postseason go, now I'm going to be a lockdown defender. It all came to a head last night. They're playing against the Boston Celtics in Boston, tough road environment, have a lead, only two refs, and all of a sudden they get mugged by the Boston Celtics, and they fold up like a cheap pub tent.

That's what happened. It's Rockets 101. It's the same thing that will happen at some point when the tough gets going. They'll be going home in the playoffs, whether it's San Antonio or Oklahoma City or the Golden State Warriors, teams that are constructed much more based upon the defense as opposed to the offense.

You can tell me bitcoin is the future. But what is the tangible good that they sell? How can I track whether or not the stock is going to go up or going to go down? I know people got rich off of Bitcoin. People got rich off of playing for Mike D'Antoni. But long term, is that an investment you're making? No. No.

As opposed to Amazon-- Amazon is smart. They went and bought Whole Foods. Everybody says I'm never going to Whole Foods. It's too expensive. Then you pull up to a Whole Foods-- like, man, you know what, their apples are just better. Their steak is just better. They call it Whole Paycheck, and people still go.

Amazon was like eBay. Now they make TV shows and movies and own Whole Foods. They understood that you have to continue to evolve and diversify, and you still have to have some bricks and mortar in order to be a long-term company that will win in the end. And that's not how the Rockets are built. They tried a little bit-- like, well, you know, Chris Paul and PJ Tucker, and a little bit better defensively. End of the day, they're constructed to the liking of Mike D'Antoni. And that was made obvious last night. This is not a long-term championship strategy. It just ain't going to happen. I'm not going to buy it.