Colin explains why ‘nothing has changed’ despite Tom Brady and Bill Belichick losing to Miami

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Reacting to the New England Patriots' loss to Jay Cutler and the Miami Dolphins, Colin Cowherd explains why he feels 'nothing has changed' despite Tom Brady and Bill Belichick losing to Jay Cutler and Miami's squad.

- So New England lost last night, 27-20, the fourth road game in five, including Mexico City, to a rival that was there at Super Bowl. Ask yourself, what changed? Is Belichick not a good coach? Is Tom Brady now not a good quarterback? Gronk will return this week. Can he still catch or not catch?

In Las Vegas, the Patriots are going to Pittsburgh. They are a 2 1/2 point favorite. Vegas is the world leader at asking that question. What's changed?

Belichick, still the best coach. Brady, still the best quarterback, Gronk, still the best asset offensively. And they're still a favorite.

Their offensive line has become very good. Their secondary improved as much as any in the league over the last eight weeks.

Bad day, bad game, bad breakup, bad performance. Just ask yourself, what's changed?

In Philadelphia, they lost Carson Wentz. OK, that's a big change. The season will not end the same way. The Philadelphia Eagles' season will absolutely end with a loss, not a Super Bowl win.

In Green Bay, they lost Aaron Rodgers. What changed? Oh, I don't know. Everything.

But New England has won eight of nine. They lost 27 to 20 on the road. And if they beat the Steelers this week-- and they're favored-- they'll be the number one seed in the East with a bye and two home games, favorite in both, going to the Super Bowl.

Now, maybe if they lose this week, something will change. They'll have to play the AFC Championship on the road. But as of this morning, ask yourself the question I ask myself all the time kids, wife, work, safety, what's changed.

By the way, I've talked about this all year. In the NFL, these seasons are deceptively long. Everybody has a burn-the-tape game. The Patriots were 0 for 11 on third down. I don't think that's ever happened to Brady.

Pittsburgh this year lost at home 30 to 9. Ben Roethlisberger had five picks. Burn the tape. Carolina lost by three touchdowns at home to a division foe. Cam had three picks and a 43 passer rating. Burn the tape. The Vikings may be the best team in the league. They lost to Detroit at home. They had three fumbles and had the ball for only 23 minutes. Vikings, burn the tape. The Ravens, I think a really good team. Watch out AFC! Lost 44 to 7 this year. It happens.

The New England Patriots this year just had another one of those burn-the-tape games. And if you look at the AFC playoff picture, they're asking themselves the same thing I do regularly. What's really changed?

Here's the AFC, folks. Going to roll with Jacksonville, Titans, Alex Smith, Buffalo Bills now a sixth seed, Joe Flacco? This morning, if you had your 401(k), who would you bet it it on to win the AFC? I'm going to go Belichick and the GOAT.