Colin reacts to the firing of Cleveland Browns GM Sashi Brown: ‘I have no pity for Cleveland’

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Colin reacts to the Browns firing GM Sashi Brown.

COLIN COWHERD: OK. The Cleveland Browns just fired their general manager, Sashi Brown. He was a lawyer. Had no business being an NFL GM. He passed on Carson Wentz and Deshaun Watson. Even I told you they'd be good NFL players. You don't have to run a movie studio to know downsizing and King Arthur with Jude Law, they're not going to be good movies. You can just tell it if you're a non idiot. You don't have to be a genius to be an NFL GM. I'm not saying it's easy. It is hard.

It's not as hard as Cleveland makes it. Cleveland plays outdoors in a cold geography. Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Cleveland. I have been saying this for a decade on the air, and they won't listen. You can't draft a warm weather small quarterback, yet they keep drafting Colt McCoy, and Johnny Manziel, and Cody Kasler. And I keep saying, Pittsburgh and Baltimore have told you how you can win in this division. Six foot five men that weigh 255 pounds. You're playing outdoors in November and December.

There's a reason Pixar coming of age movies always work. There's a system when you play outdoors in cold weather. Big, strong, experienced quarterbacks who can make plays with their feet preferably. I mean, it's the Cleveland Browns-- and I'm not joking. Would have been better off using mock drafts, or flipping a coin the last five years. I have no pity for Cleveland. This is why I support their coach Hugh Jackson. He's not the issue. He wanted to Deshaun Watson. He wanted Carson Wentz. The Cleveland Browns have made a hard job look impossible.

And by the way, they'll do it again. They have the number one pick. Sam Darnold or Josh Rosen. Darnold would clearly be a better fit. Bigger, stronger, physical, dads in plumbing, perfect for that weather, that topography. And he can make plays with his feet. They'd probably draft Josh Rosen. The skinny kid from Manhattan Beach. Smartest as heck. Been injured in college. They'd butcher that. Josh Rosen will play in the NFL. Shouldn't play in Cleveland outdoors. I'm not saying running a movie studio or an NFL team is easy. But Cleveland has made it look much harder than it actually is.