Jason Whitlock reveals why LiAngelo’s version of the UCLA shoplifting story he told on the Today Show is ‘not remotely accurate’

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Jason Whitlock unveils the truth behind LiAngelo's story.

- I know from a highly, highly reliable source that LiAngelo's credit card was declined. That's what triggered the shoplifting, and so this whole thing of, oh, people just started taking things, and I kind of fell in behind, that is bogus. His credit card declined. That triggers the shoplifting. And of the three kids, only one of them shoplifted from all three stores-- LiAngelo Ball.

HOST: Wow.

- So this insinuation that these other two kids-- Cody Riley, Jalen Hill-- that they are-- oh, they were the ringleaders. No, LiAngelo Ball on "The Today Show" with his dad sitting right there just backed the bus over two black kids and basically blamed them and said he was just falling in behind them. That is not remotely accurate. His credit card declined, and he was the only of the three to shoplift from all three stores.

- OK, I've not heard that report. That is breaking news. OK, there was also this LaVar Ball saying Trump didn't do anything, that basically I got the kids out. And by the way, they've gone back and forth, I guess, on Twitter. You've got news on that.

- I'm going to defend LaVar slightly in this instance. What happened with Trump's involvement-- the US consulate, UCLA cut a deal with the Chinese government. These kids are going to do 20 days house arrest in this hotel. So Trump did not get them out of the 5- to 10-year prison term. That's what LaVar probably is referring to.


- When he says, Trump didn't do anything. Didn't do anything. But where he's not accurate is-- and what UCLA's concern was-- again, you got to remember what UCLA. Is a great, outstanding, world-renowned, academic institution.

HOST: Oh, God, yes.

- It's not just an athletic factory. In fact, you know, compared to USC, it's really not an athletic factory. And so what UCLA was concerned about is if those kids do 20 days in China, they're not-- the academic side of our university is not going to cut them slack. They're likely going to flunk out of UCLA.

HOST: Ahh.

- And so that was a major concern for Jalen Hill, Cody Riley, Steve Alford, the basketball program. We don't want these kids flunking out. So Trump did, by speaking to the Chinese president, he's the reason they got to come home after eight days and protect their academic standing in UCLA.

HOST: Wow, so that, again, that has not been reported. Jason Whitlock joining us. I'm just-- that's incredible. You've really caught him in two lies. LiAngelo and LaVar.