Colin Cowherd explains why athletes’ consecutive game streaks mean very little overall

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Reflecting on how the New York Giants' brass benched Eli Manning and snapped his 200+ consecutive game streak, Colin Cowherd reveals why streaks like this mean very little in the long run if players aren't fresh for game day.

- This i-- LeBron James, the best athlete in the world. When do I care about LeBron James? In May and June. I don't give a rip now. And it's like, it's not the '70s. The whole mantra of today, is work harder, not smarter. I mean, this idea that, hey, boss, I've got the bubonic plague, but I'm here. I've got malaria, but I showed up to work. I was bitten by a rat in the parking garage, but I stumbled in. Go home. Take a day off. If you go to the Wikipedia page of Ronaldo, Messi, Magic, MJ, Kobe, A-Rod, Federer, Tiger, Jack, Serena, you know what they don't talk about? Consecutive game streaks.

Most dominant people in industries over time work smarter, not longer. And what the irony here with Eli Manning is, that we're praising him for being "consistently there," but our biggest criticism of Eli through the years is he's not "consistent." Isn't that our big complaint? You never know what Eli you're getting. He's not consistent. But hey, he's consistently there.

I remember Tiger Woods in 2007-- I know it's golf, but he won, like, $16 million, most anybody's ever won. He played in like, you know, 55% of the tournaments. So you know, Cal Ripken, congratulations. But Drake puts an album out about every four years. Dr. Dre has put two out. You know, you can put 100 albums out. How about put quality stuff out? Christopher Walken's been in 300 movies. I'll take Ed Norton's been in 12 good ones.

I'm not into this, I work all these hours-- take a day off. I mean, if you're-- got a-- I don't know. I think we make too much of that. I, you know-- and again, I know it's quarterback, but I'd love to see Brady take Week 17 off before the playoffs. I thought he was great post-Deflategate. He got a month off of not getting hit in September. I thought he came out and looked unbelievable.