Colin reacts to Dave Doeren turning down the Tennessee head football coaching vacancy

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Colin Cowherd reacts to the news of Dave Doeren turning down the Tennessee Vols head football coaching vacancy and what that means for the institution.

- Dave Doeren, the third best college football coach in the state of North Carolina, has turned down Tennessee.


- This is currently the people who have turned down Tennessee, Jon Gruden, Mike Gundy, the Cowboys current tight end, Jeff Brohm at Purdue, David Cutcliffe, Jim Bob Cooter, and David Doeren, the North Carolina State head coach. When Purdue and North Carolina State's coaches are turning you down, maybe it's time to do a Manning in the mirror.

You had a really good coach. Dan Mullen, Greg Schiano are really solid coaches. Wait, I'm told there's one more person that just turned down Tennessee's job. Kid Rock has just turned down Tennessee's job.

Again, this all started with unrealistic expectations. Jon Gruden was never considering you. And when you put that name out there, everybody got all worked up. I told you from the beginning, I don't know John well. I know people who know John. He ain't taking that gig.

So you get everybody all lathered up. And then, when you get a good solid coach, you try to ruin his life. Nobody at Ohio State, nobody in the NFL, connects Schiano to the Penn State nightmare. Nobody does. And now, you're left being turned down by mullets, Jim Bob Cooter, and Purdue's head coach.