Stephen Jackson reacts to LeBron James leading the Cavs to a 9-game win streak without Isaiah Thomas

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Joining Colin Cowherd on The Herd, Stephen Jackson reacts to LeBron James leading the Cavs to a 9-gam win streak without Isaiah Thomas.

- OK, Cavs are in a 9-game winning streak. Listen, I respect it, and I respect the Celtics' winning streak. But in the NBA, who have you played? The Eastern Conference is a hot mess. What do you make? I mean, look let's just look at the Cavs-- 9-game winner. Do you like it? What do you think of it?

- I love it. I mean, I've said this from the jump. They have the best roster from 1 to 15 in the NBA, because they have all veterans. You've got to look at the guys there. Everybody on their team has been tested in some way.

A lot of those guys have been in big games. A lot of those guys have been in playoff games. A lot of those guys on the roster have a championship. They have the experienced team, along with the Kang-- K-A-N-G, LeBron James, OK?

They are in the best position they could be in. I'm not surprised by the 9-game winning streak. It will probably go up to 15.

- How is Isaiah Thomas going to work in this offense? We know Derrick Rose and LeBron just don't click. So you tell me, you've been around this league. Isaiah is going to come back at the trading deadline, all-star break, whenever. He comes back, let's say, February 10th.

Like, how is it going to work? Is he going to be a true point? Is he going to be a 2? What is he going to be?

- He's going to be both. I think when he's in the game with LeBron, he's going to be a more facilitator, while LeBron can come off the ball and be more of a scorer, and run plays for LeBron.

And I think when LeBron checks out, this is his time to be the Isaiah he was in Boston-- be real aggressive on offense and control the team and carry the team when LeBron is not in the game. I think he's going to fill that role in great.