Should LeBron receive more praise for building championship-caliber teams? Colin weighs in

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Reflecting on Thunder's loss to the Magic, Colin Cowherd discusses LeBron James' ability to build championship-caliber teams.

- Remember last year, even though LeBron had his most efficient year, and we know he's the most valuable player in this league 10 straight years, Russell Westbrook, you told me, was the MVP. You have all this access, all these GMs. Everybody in the league knows if you could start your team with LeBron or Westbrook, everybody would start it with LeBron. In his 15th year, they'd still do it.

But you had your access and you also had your bias because you weren't really interested in the truth. You were interested if you covered the NBA in your agenda and telling a good story. And Westbrook, of course, was a much better story than LeBron-- that, I'll grant you because KD left him at the altar.

Orlando is a bad NBA team. They were on a nine game losing streak. How did they get healthy last night? Oh, they just had to play Russell Westbrook and Carmelo Anthony and Paul George and Steven Adams. And they routed them. They routed them. Oklahoma City is now 8 and 12. They can't win a road game. They've played 11, they've won two. They've played 12 Western teams, they've won three. Mr. MVP is overwhelmed. Don't blame him, I don't care. Blame him, I don't care.

He got some new toys. By the way, Melo's going to be a Hall of Famer. Steven Adams is better every time I see him. Paul George is an A-list player. And the MVP is overwhelmed.

Meanwhile, the NBA's version of MacGyver, LeBron James, got Jae Crowder, a banged up point guard that can't play yet. He's got Kyle Korver, who they yanked out of the finals because he can't play defense. Channing Frye-- a safety pin and some ranch dressing-- and they're on a nine game winning streak. That's what LeBron James, who you don't think the NBA has as an MVP, all you writers, that's how he's doing it.

Look at the box score of the Cavs some time during this nine game winning streak. Jeff Green, a fossil. Dwayne Wade, Channing Frye, Kyle Korver is their third leading scorer. Go look at the next 10 games. They may go on a 19 game winning streak. And Russell Westbrook can't win a road game.

He's a Hall of Famer. Melo is a Hall of Famer. Paul George could be, he's an A-lister. And Steven Adams is a really good 2017 big. And they can't win a road game. Orlando is awful. They were on a nine game losing streak. You know how hard it is to lose nine straight games in the NBA? The bottom third of this league is garbage. But they got healthy last night because they faced Westbrook.

Antonio Daniels, former NBA player-- I covered him in Portland-- he's a broadcaster for the Thunder. He'd seen enough last night.

- This is your job. This is your livelihood. It is embarrassing that teams continue to have their coming out games against the Oklahoma City Thunder. Somebody on this roster has to show some sort of emotion and some sort of passion that will trickle down along to everyone else. You cannot continue to go out every game and just talk about doing the right things, not do the right things, and expect a different result.

- They got blown out by Orlando. There was a five and a half minute stretch when Westbrook, Melo, Paul George, Steven Adams couldn't hit a basket. How is that possible? Meanwhile, MacGuyver-- my bad, LeBron-- is on a nine game winning streak with two hot sauce packets, a tangerine, and Channing Frye. You lose the trust of your audience when you bring in bias and agendas. Stop telling me Russell Westbrook is the league MVP. Lebron's been it for 13 straight years.

By the way, let me show you something 10 years ago in 2007. LeBron took this to the NBA finals. I'll read the names. Drew Gooden, Larry Hughes, Boobie Gibson, Donyell Marshall, Eric Snow. He took them to the finals. He didn't win the MVP in that year either.

Melo, Steven Adams, Paul George, Westbrook. 11 road games. They've won two. You lose the trust of your audience when you have access and proximity and you're telling me Lebron's not the most valuable player in this league. Shame on you.