Plaxico Burress reacts to Eli Manning’s benching: ‘Don’t throw my guy under the bus and say he’s the issue’

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In his conversation with Colin Cowherd, former New York Giants WR Plaxico Burress explains why Eli Manning did not deserve to be treated like he did by the Giants' brass and why replacing Eli with Geno Smith is not the right move.

- Were you mad initially when you heard it, because Eli your friend?

- I was actually shocked. I could not believe that the organization would let it happen in that fashion. You know, everybody knows that his time is coming to an end, but not in that-- not in that fashion. I think you owe it to him enough-- what he's brought to the organization-- and, you know, a Hall of Fame quarterback and a future a two-time Super Bowl champion.

But give him the respect and the loyalty that he deserves for him to finish out the season. I mean, don't bring in Geno Smith and say, Geno Smith is the answer. I don't believe that. Geno Smith is a backup quarterback because he's a backup quarterback.

You know, don't throw him under the bus and say, Eli Manning is the problem. No, address things differently. And first, don't put Eli on the bench to say, you know what? Eli's our problem. We're going to get everything rectified, put Geno Smith in the game, and them we'll see what happens.

And maybe this weekend, they run into-- they run into a situation like Tyrod Taylor ran into a few weeks ago. The guy goes out, stinks it up, throws five interceptions. And now, you put him back in, now he's a starter. You know, don't just oh my-- don't just throw my guy under the bus and say, you know, he's the issue.